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Tage Frid Teaches WoodworkingYou need to find a copy of these 40-year old woodworking books!...

You need to find a copy of these 40-year old woodworking books! (Tage Frid)

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  1. I have all three, as well as numerous Fine Woodworking magazines from the 70s. Invaluable! All are on my "cold dead fingers" list.

  2. I started woodworking when I was 12 and this was two years ago and I make furniture from the 18th century I love cabriole legs and dovetails and I’m only A 14 year old Ozzie but yeah nothing special the wet will be no more woodworkers when I’m 90 so yeah we are the last generation I think it sucks but oh well I know I’m going to have to work my ass off to continue what I love

  3. I finally tracked down a copy of this book based on this review, and dudes… you are absolutely right. I'm glad I started hunting these books, so far I have the first 2 need to track down the 3rd at a reasonable price.

  4. Also, don't forget to check your local library. I checked out Tage's joinery book over a year ago (maybe longer) and it was in fantastic condition.

  5. Don't forget that they also came with a Taig Fried DVD where he talked about his wood working journey which I found very fascinating.

  6. No one buys books these days, we just watch youtube videos like yours,
    Watching someone actually do it is always better than copying from a book

  7. I found the first two for a good price, but sadly can not find a good deal on the third, is it really necessary or the first two volumes the meat and potatoes (important stuff)?

  8. I've had book 3 out from the library for about 4 weeks. Now somebody's gonna put a hold on it so I can't renew it again!

  9. Great review. I've owned these for years and agree with your opinion that they convey an amazingly complete woodworking course. I've given the set as gifts to friends and clients when they started to get serious about woodworking. Direct and to the point, with examples shown on the typical machines found in the amateur or small scale professional shop. So much content, so little chaff. I've obtained many other woodworking books over my professional career; none is so practical and dense.

  10. Ive owned a set for a long time….yep a treasure… just a few days ago i got out volume 3 and am getting myself prepped to make the three legged stool.

  11. I can't believe it! A friend gave me a set of these yesterday, and today there's a Stumpy Nubs review! l must live right!


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