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Classic Rocking Chair Woodworking PlansWood Toy Plans Paul Revere Rocking Horse

Wood Toy Plans Paul Revere Rocking Horse

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Wood Toy Plans Paul Revere Rocking Horse

VISIT US at http://www.toymakingplans.com and start building today! Your friends and customers will love this classic 1790 Rocking Horse Paul Revere’s Ride Wood Toy Plan. The plan set includes a complete set of full size patterns. The patterns are easily printed on standard 8-1/2″ x 11″ printers on ordinary printer paper. You make a full size pattern from the printed pages by easily taping the pages together at the alignment arrows to create the full size patterns. Every pattern required to make the rocking horse is included. The pattern is attached to the wood with spray adhesive and removed with mineral spirits. You can build this little beauty as a treasured keepsake. And it is rugged enough to be given as a gift to a rough and tumble kid. Approximately 35-1/4″ tall, 18-1/8″ wide and 26-3/4″ long. You can build it from common lumber, fine hardwoods or MDF using just a band saw with 1/8″ blade, a scroll saw, or a saber saw plus a hand drill or drill press. Download this plan set at http://www.toymakingplans.com and start building today!

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