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Small Plunge RouterWood Tips: Routers - Plunge vs Fixed Based Router

Wood Tips: Routers – Plunge vs Fixed Based Router

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Wood Tips: Router – George Vondriska demonstrates the difference between plunge and fixed based routers. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video.

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  1. I have a drill press that looks just like the one behind you. I bought it about 30 years ago. Works great. Thanks for including it in this video!

  2. I want to inlay around perimeter of a crobel 1/2" inside from the edge but my trimmer router have no guide to copy. Any idea where to found DIY? Thanks.

  3. Excellent video that disnt make me feel like I was talked to like a tard. I also liked the fact that I didnt have to hear about any dumb stuff going on in your life…or see your cat run across the screen and we get a side bar conversation about a FN cat. Another great thing is…. it wasn't in fast forward. You told actually me valuable information inadvertently short period of time without techno music playing in the background. Thanks.

  4. Not sure how to word this but looking for a demo that actually shows how to set up and make depth adjustments when using a plunge based router to a craftsman router table

  5. Shouldn't you have used the flat part of the plunger base against the 'fence', rather than the round part? You won't get a straight cut if you slightly turn it. Am I missing something?


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