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Woodcraft Router BitsWhiteside Router Bits

Whiteside Router Bits

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Marc of Woodcraft Spokane discusses the many shapes and uses of The Whiteside a router bit family
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For more information about Mini-Hone Sharpeners, please visit http://www.woodcraft.com/Product/2005910/18128/DMT-Dia-Sharp-25-Diamond-Offset-Mini-hone-Coarse.aspx

Use to quickly restore a damaged edge on a saw blade or router bit

Sharpen, deburr, and hone in tight spaces such as circular saw blades or router bits, while keeping hands away from the sharp cutting edges. The offset design of this 2.5″ coarse mini-hone offers better control for hard to reach areas. The uninterrupted monocrystalline diamond surface lets you quickly put a razor edge on pocket knives and small contact area tools. Coarse grit quickly restores a damaged edge. Tip measures 2-1/2″ x 3/4″, .033″ thick.
Available at Woodcraft.
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