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Vic TesolinVic Tesolin Woodworks Shop Tour

Vic Tesolin Woodworks Shop Tour

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  1. hmm, a workshop full of electric machines and not much space for hand tools – is seems you are not so much of a "minimalist woodworker" anymore

  2. Relly impressed with this vid and your shop. I hope this is one of many vids to follow on this channel. Gunner Babcock RCA Militia.

  3. Great video! Really interested in that "planing bench" at 52:47. That Japanese looking plane looks similar to something I have been wanting to build. Do you do workshops on making them? Where could I learn more?

  4. First off, Vic, let me compliment you on your new shop. It's terrific and I can hardly wait to see what'll be happening there, and the wonderful projects that will be coming out of it over the coming months and years. Yahoo!!
    It's a bit of a shame that I was unable to catch your tour live, Vic… but, hey, stuff happens, right?! Catching it after the fact is second best, so thanks for putting it up for all of us to see. All the best to you as you move forward turning your dreams into reality.


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