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Traditional WoodworkingThe method of bamboo crafts primitive丨Traditional weaving丨Bamboo Woodworking Art

The method of bamboo crafts primitive丨Traditional weaving丨Bamboo Woodworking Art

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Hello everyone, today I continue to work on hand-crafting bamboo, many people ask how to make beautiful and unique bamboo weaving. I will answer this question by making a traditional bamboo handcraft video, to weave this handmade product requires meticulousness, dexterity and patience.
Bamboo, like true wood, is a natural composite material with a high strength-to-weight ratio useful for structures. bamboo strips, it’s wonderful to make bamboo into useful crafts, like magic.
00:00 introduce this new bamboo craft product
00:12 Classification of bamboo
00:26 Use 7 pieces of green bamboo for vertical weaving
07:26 Complete vertical weaving of bamboo
07:50 Weaving bamboo according to the width
18:48 Bamboo weaving is 50 percent finished
07:53 Continue weaving the bamboo to finish the rest
28:45 Finished bamboo weaving for this handmade product
29:00 Makes the bamboo product more solid
29:45 Cut the bamboo mat art into a circle
30:40 Fix handcrafted products to bamboo baskets
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Ancient Technology Handmade bamboo craft beautiful:

Traditional Handmade bamboo weaving secrets: https://youtu.be/k0OapekqCww

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