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Quick And Easy Woodworking ProjectsSMALL CLOCK PROJECT 1 | Iron On Veneer | DIY Woodworking...

SMALL CLOCK PROJECT 1 | Iron On Veneer | DIY Woodworking Project

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Are you looking for a gift idea for that hard to buy for person in your life? Male or female, young or old, married or single. This project meets all of those needs. It’s crafted from plywood and glue. A simple clock mechanism and a few square feet of an exotic wood veneer. It doesn’t require any special tools and only basic crafting skills to make. Additionally once you have finished you will have mastered the ‘Iron On’ method of bonding veneer to a surface. The video was a fun way of introducing you to wood veneers and to encourage you to try using them in a future woodworking project.

0:00 Project Introduction
1:27 Tools Used
1:51 Materials Used
2:47 Cut List
3:12 Clock Base Assembly
3:39 Finding Center
4:01 Veneer Selection
4:54 Cut Lines
5:58 Spread Glue
6:28 Cutting Veneer
6:54 Dry Run
7:15 Iron On Veneer
10:03 Face Veneer
10:39 Sanding Veneer
10:57 Clock Movement
11:30 Apply The Finish
11:58 Project Summary

I’m happy to assist in selecting a wood veneer for your next #woodworking​ project.

Please reach out to me via email: tom@volpewoodworks.com.
Veneers used in this video can be found at all of my selling venues below: https://volpewoodworks.com​ Etsy store: VolpeWoodworks https://www.etsy.com/shop/VolpeWoodwo…​

eBay store: ThinWoodandOldTools https://www.ebay.com/str/thinwoodando…​ #wallclock #woodenbox​ # #woodveneer​ #woodworkingprojects​ #finewoodworking​ I’m happy to advise you anytime with your project design.

Tom Volpe Volpe Woodworks, LLC
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  1. Stumbled on to your videos shopping for veneer for a guitar project. A video on how to apply these veneer sheets and stain/ finish for guitar would be awesome


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