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Shaker Furniture PlansShaker furniture: Clean by design

Shaker furniture: Clean by design

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  1. I have to address the false understanding of Shaker's design philosophy in the video, as the Shaker's believe, "Don't make something unless it is both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, don't hesitate to make it beautiful" They did not exclude the objective of making furniture pleasantly looking but rather focusing on the function of it first.

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  3. The woman at the start saying they "wouldn't find them beautiful", really? Find that hard to believe. There is clear design and commitment to a style. There are arches. There is polishing, symmetry and lots more design elements.

  4. This woman does not know what she's talking about. The Shakers were devoted to aesthetics, form and function in design.

  5. This is a great visit to the past for me, as my family traveled to an aunt's house in Freeport , Maine within close visiting distance to the Shakers' home. My mother loved antiques and held onto some collected family pieces including the incredibly designed beautiful "button-boxes" made of the curved wood that are now in my own home. I recall the town being austere, interesting and rather clean even to the eyes of a child!

  6. Wonderful video! We're crowdfunding an archaeological dig at Mount Lebanon Shaker Village in upstate New York to find out more about the rise and fall of this impressive society, and map out the true extent of their settlement. We've still got lots to learn ABOUT them, as well as lots to learn FROM them. If you want to be part of an excavation, or just help us make it happen, this is your chance! Anyone who is interested in the Shakers is welcome to join in: https://digventures.com/projects/digging-darrow/


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