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Chain Mortiser For SaleScrapping a 1925 Chain Mortiser, Review what sells on ebay and for...

Scrapping a 1925 Chain Mortiser, Review what sells on ebay and for how much!

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Scrapping a 1925 Chain Mortiser, Review what sells on ebay and for how much!

It was painful to scrap something so old, but I couldn’t hold onto it because of it’s size and weight. Also in the video I go over some really nice ebay sale I’ve had lately.

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Old Chain Morticer for sale on eBay

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  1. hi eric that was a great insitgh,i just started my channel and im doing ebay and yes its payin of but any help is welcome and this help did you get the comment i send of your footage being used

  2. Thanks for sharing your successful sales. I thought I'd mastered the art of squeezing every dollar out of everything, but $30 dishwasher trays? Now I'll be on the hunt. Absolute mad lad! TYVM

  3. Good vid. I work alone a lot so I use hire a student for jobs to big for me.Of course you have to weigh out if it is worth it. But maybe phone him up and say to him you hired some help if he still wants to work with you.

  4. You should also mention name ASSA ABLOY in listing, world-renowned top-quality leading lock manufacturer from Europe.

  5. Great video Eric. I love when you show how to list on ebay. Was that motherboard working? On that transformer wouldn't it be better to put it up for auction and start at $70?

  6. Neon sign transformers are seeked by high voltage nerds, they are easy to use for HV experiments like Jacobs ladders.


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