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Rustic Desk PlansRustic Butternut Desk with Drawers

Rustic Butternut Desk with Drawers

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Rustic Butternut Desk with Drawers

This is a complete build from start to finish. Please support my channel and buy my products on ebay… blah blah blah

Finishing Process:
1) Orbital sand wood to 150 grit
2) Minwax poly satin + Early American stain (8:1) ratio
3) Hand sand 180 grit (not shown)
4) Flat poly + a little thinner for second coat (not shown)
5) Butcher’s paste wax, tinted with 1/2 TSP brown pigment
6) 2nd coat of tinted paste wax for the top

I made a video about making flat polyurethane already…. I am also working on one about tinting paste wax. I lost a reel of footage so a couple of finishing steps are not in this video.

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  1. Must say this is the best woodworking YouTube channel I’ve come across so far. The construction for every project built is thorough. At one point in time, I was attending a community college for their wood working program. Having attended for 2.5yrs, just before starting another semester, I went to visit a student advisor & during that visit she had said me to that the wood working program had been discontinued for the last 3yrs now. -.- (you can imagine my disappointment) lol
    So I then left school in search for a wood shop in my area. Luckily for me I found one that would take me in as an apprentice, seeing I didn’t know jack of wood working. Worked in that shop for 4yrs till the boss’s son of 32 years old had past away from diabetes. That initially made him to decide on closing the shop… but then I came across your channel & been learning from you ever since. Just wish I knew how to use a cad software program tho

  2. Great video. No silly music, no boring narration, no endless repeating of obvious facts. Just plain and simple action.

  3. Great looking table . this gives me a idea of doing this style as a coffee and end tables . only difference would be instead of square edges , i would round those with a router . also i would add a bottom shelf .

  4. Love your channel Mitch. It's great the way you pass on so much information without making it look like a tutorial. You're not making projects for a class you're doing a job for a customer. Love that.

  5. Great Desk! you didnt show the finish you used, can you tell me what the different finishes you put on this desk were? I am building a desk myself and am going for the same look

  6. i know this is an older video…and maybe you've change some techniques since this video…but i am wondering why you didn't use dowels or biscuit joints to keep boards lined up when making the desk top panel??
    It would make the glue up go quicker, with less playing around to get the boards to line up for the panel glue up.

    Looks great! I'm a fan of these older, simple classic styles.


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