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Rocking Chair Build

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I am a fan of the Arts and Crafts style of furniture and wanted to make an oak rocking chair for a while. This is a follow-up to a previous video on building a full-size prototype (found here: https://youtu.be/o-7sU5_y1Sw)
Here are some links to parts of the build:

00:11 -Creating the bending forms for the rockers and back
05:15 -Cutting and bending the curved slats and rockers
07:49 -Cutting the arms
09:43 -Figuring out the basic joinery
15:23 -Joinery for the curved back and slats
18:40 -Details for the back slats
19:28 -Joinery for the arms
22:25 -Figuring out the rocker positions
25:05 -Finishing with shellac, dye and danish oil
26:12 -Final glue up
26:56 -Adding the rockers
30:42 -Building the seat base
34:04 -Upholstery

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Irwin 6″ quick clamps: —— https://amzn.to/2NCxvLB Gotta have more clamps

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Kuru Toga .5 Mechanical Pencil: —— https://amzn.to/3964LTc
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Crown Tools Burnisher: —— https://amzn.to/3f3QmdU Great for taking burn marks off wood

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Part 2, Rocking Chair making…
Amazing Carpenter Skills… building a Rocking Chair that is definitely beautiful and made with curved design for better use and comfort
Philippine Rocking Chair Design
Build a rocking chair
Enjoy watching and Don’t forget to subscribe😊😊😊

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  1. @geekswoodshop is it bending the curved leg is compulsory????? Why cant rocking chair can built without bending the leg using gum???
    Why cant we cut wood in curve angle??? Without bending????

  2. Something kept me sticked to this video.. well I need to accept, it was his humble nature and his art.. good work friend…

  3. – True CRAFTSMANSHIP. Unfortunately, we don't see this as much any more. Beautiful work. Nice to see that "pro's" have instances of questioning their decisions but trudge thru to complete a masterpiece. GOOD job. Particularly liked the design of the back slats. That added so much to an already nice piece.  Had to watch the video 3 times to completion. Fell asleep twice before the end (tee hee). Thanx 4 sharing.

  4. Since I read “Bαzοmο Tdy Plαn” (Google it), I think nothing will ever surpass it as a fantastic woodworking book. The book contains attractive pictures as well as drawings and reader-friendly text. I look at this book a "must have" since it supplies a wide range of info on just about everything working with wood working and does it very well. .

  5. Lovely video…as relaxing as rocking in that chair no doubt :)…I make Adirondack chairs and have been toying with the idea of putting rockers on them… Now I will!!

  6. The take aways for me were the router trammel for the forms and the spindle sander to mate the rockers and legs. I've built a couple of phototype four legged chairs from 2x3s, just trying to size it for myself. I'll really be nervous whenever I get around to locating the leg cuts for the rockers. Thanks, man!

  7. Man, I always have only one regret when I'm watching your vids: the frequency of them beeing posted. You are one of my favorite pros on yt, keep up this level of skill. And thanks 😊

  8. Sir kung mgplaner tau gmit ang table planer ung talim ba ng planer kung saAn banda ang ikot dyn ba natin sisimulan ipakain ung kahoy?


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