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Grizzly Wood PlanerReview of 15" Grizzly Planer w/ Carbide Cutters - One Year Update

Review of 15" Grizzly Planer w/ Carbide Cutters – One Year Update

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I’ve used my Grizzly #G1021X2 15″ 3 HP Extreme Series Thickness Planer w/ #Helical #Cutterhead for a full year now… pros / cons? #woodworking Get 10% off this machine with code Darbin10

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  1. Where are you buying maple or walnut at those prices?? Maple is about $4 and Walnut is at least $6 bd/ft in NC and that’s for green local or pay shipping for dried.

  2. Great review! Did you consider the 20" helical machine? Why did you go 15" instead of the 20". I'm trying to decide between the two.

  3. Hi Darbin, I finally got G1021x2 after watching this video many times got 10% discount great!!
    After 15hours of use, it looks like need to change gear oil for maintenance.
    I found fill in plug at spot hard to reach at side of gear box. Have you ever filled gear oil by using any pump hose?
    It will be nice if you show us how to maintain this planer with gear oil, grease for lift chain etc.

  4. I had some dampness in my wood shop and my Delta thickness planer froze up on me. The chains that go
    around to make it raise or lower just won;t move. Sure would be nice to get a new Grizlzly.
    Good demo!

  5. Can't say i was surprised to hear such a positive review after "grizzly has helped this channel and there's a discount code in the description" and the delayed posting lends an air of credibility.

  6. ( 9:25 ) also you have to plane those store bought " finished " board anyhow as they are often poorly done or they get dinged up by handling. Yes, a planer is a must in any serious wood shop.

  7. Well done video – I have an identical planer, it was purchased a couple years ago. It arrived with a motor that didn’t work so they sent me a new motor and I put it in myself. Thought I was finished with the troubles. WRONG! Then the infeed / out feed was way out of wack. Still not working very well. What a miserable experience!


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