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Popular Woodworking ProjectsPopular Woodworking Projects That Sell

Popular Woodworking Projects That Sell

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In this video we will discuss popular woodworking projects that sell in our area. We also want to see in the live chat what woodworking projects sell for you in your area. We will use the power of this community to share with each other and find the best selling projects. If you are in the woodworking business and want to make money woodworking, we hope this live stream will bring value to you.

Live Edge woodworking show is live every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. central time here on YouTube. Disclaimer: Amazon and other affiliate links are used in this description and they help support this channel if you choose to use the links and make purchases. Live Edge Woodworking Show Episode 9.

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*Camera Equipment Used for Videos*
Canon M50 https://amzn.to/3en9EaQ
Canon 22mm Lens: https://amzn.to/32fp79w
GoPro Hero 8: https://amzn.to/2JY48l2
Microphone I Use: https://amzn.to/3crbxTX
Rodecaster Pro: https://amzn.to/2LOl127
Rodecaster Pro Microphones: https://amzn.to/2LhV0IV

0:00 intro
4:22 Small woodworking projects that sell
5:37 Selling wood flags
7:05 Selling Blanket Ladders
8:15 Popular small wood project ideas
10:30 Epoxy First Try
11:12 Dealing With Negativity
13:50 Bathtub tray
15:32 Essential Oil Shelves
17:15 Is YouTube worth it?
22:00 Children Farmhouse Table
24:25 Selling Cornhole boards
29:00 Shipping Blanket Ladders
31:00 Tool Giveaway Drawing
36:36 Large Woodworking Projects That Sell
38:40 Woodworking Projects For Beginners
40:00 Outdoor Woodworking Projects that sell
43:08 Recommendation for first table saw
45:17 Why we make content
47:38 Selling Indoor Dog Kennels
49:30 Selling Outdoor Coolers
58:15 Tips for Staining Pine
1:01:58 More Giveaways Soon
1:02:38 How To Price Woodworking
1:03:00 Outro

Disclaimer: Amazon and other affiliate links are used in this description and they help support this channel. By clicking on the links and purchasing items it provides me a very small commission but cost you nothing extra. It is a great way to support small creators like me. I appreciate the support more than you know!

731 Woodworks is intended for entertainment purposes only. There are no warranties implied and your results may differ from ours. You should NOT rely solely upon the information and techniques discussed and displayed in these videos. Rather, you should fully research each technique and decide for yourself what is the safest possible work method for you. If you are looking to start a woodworking business you should consult a certified public accountant and/or an attorney for proper guidance.

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  1. So glad I came across your channel your personality is like mine so I love the energy you put out…you go above and beyond for the viewers….big thank you

  2. Love watching you guys!! Would you consider popping a picture of the tool or product you are discussing. Not always sure what you are talking about. 😕

  3. Broken Bow Oklahoma! I love y'all's channel! Bout the only one I really understand lol!! Just beginning so I don't have a top seller, but want 1!! I'll hopefully catch a live next time! #Replay

  4. Houston,TX

    My shop that I run in my garage just got flooded from a busted pipe. Pipes froze last night. Shop is pretty messy

  5. I really loved the conversation in this week's podcast. I feel like I gained more information this week than I do most weeks from the conversations in the podcast. Thanks for putting this out!
    Y'all got me so hyped to get to woodworking, I can't wait till my dad move his car our of the garbage for the summer so I can start woodworking again!

  6. Everyone has been talking about how cold it is where they are. It's been so unusually warm in Utah. I don't think I've ever seen so much rain in February in the 30 years that I've lived here.

  7. The Lord Jesus bless you. Thank you for your channel. I'm struggling to build with me arms. I live in pain and weakness but I praise Jesus for all my trials.

    Just wanted to say I did a couple of scrap cutting boards. I'm not sure how to get pictures to you. But if you want to see them please just email me. jason.duronslet78@gmail.com.

  8. If you do a segment of people giving their testimony… pre record that part… many people have a tendency to go on and on… either do a separate video… or do it prerecorded


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