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Rocking Chair Woodworking PlansPlans for the Continuous Arm Rocking Chair are Now Available

Plans for the Continuous Arm Rocking Chair are Now Available

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  1. Hello Curtis. I have purchased both the comb back and continuous arm rocker plans. For the rocker blades you call for quarter sawn wood. Do you prep green green wood and dry it or do you purchase dry wood? Also, it'll be wonderful to see a video series on a rocker. Could that possibly be in the near future?? Thank you sir for the knowledge you put out there for all of us!

  2. Could you tell us more about your friend who is making a video of a poplar chair? I never catch his name well enough. You have mentioned him many times as a fine toolmaker…By the way, you have an amazing talent for both the work, the art, and the especially the teaching of chairmaking through video production.


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