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Japanese Hand PlanesOpening a big box of japanese tools: knives, chisels and planes

Opening a big box of japanese tools: knives, chisels and planes

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Here you can learn some tips on blade sharpening, saw sharpening and bringing old tools back into a life time of service. On this channel I’m going to show off my Japanese tools and do project videos where I predominantly use Japanese tools to make stuff. I like starting woodworking projects with a log so you will get to see my axes and ripping saws at work before we move on to nomi and ryoba.

“Chestnut_nag” is my handle on Ebay. Every month I bring in several boxes of tools from Japan. Some I add to my tool kit others I sell on Ebay, Facebook or directly to people who have asked me to track down something special.


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  1. Dear Stuart I have just seen you unpacking plane's & knives. You
    mentioned draw knives in passing
    I have never known how to sharpen & maintain them do u have any videos on this? Yes I still
    want both the axe you just sent me
    the pics of and the entry level Masakiri that i placed the bid for
    and any help with the handle blanks would be as if heaven sent
    just invoice me as you said and I
    will pay you straight away.
    P.S. I have to get to my mobile tech
    guy to help me get those before
    photos grom message to you
    at present i cant move them
    Cheers Ken


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