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Woodworking TalkNew Digs for my woodworking workshop - I hate my camera -...

New Digs for my woodworking workshop – I hate my camera – PLANE TALK 27 August 2017

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New Digs for my woodworking workshop - I hate my camera - PLANE TALK  27 August 2017

In today’s episode we take a sneak peek at the new home of my woodworking workshop.

But I really hate how this video camera does not want to focus.

The space is a bright space and very well insulated.

With a bit of trim and a few cabinets, it is nearly move in ready.

I hope you found something helpful or at least entertaining.

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Updates / tools / projects #2 vlog Escagedo Woodworking
In this 2nd vlog I’ll go through some tools, thank a few of you guys and have a little woodworking talk.
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  1. I love it!!! I think the echo will disappear when you get some things in here. Great job fixing it up

  2. My day job is as an audio engineer and I got into woodworking building acoustic treatment (sound absorbers and diffusers) so here's a couple tips for the sound in your room:
    1. Flat, parallel walls create the most apparent echo. Things like bookshelves or desks will break up the parallels. Softer materials like books and cork absorb more than hard materials
    2. Floor to ceiling sound is difficult to treat in a small room, but your special ceiling is already helping. Putting any rugs down that you can will cut down on high frequencies
    3. If you have the gumption, 2'x4' fiberglass panels wrapped in burlap and mounted on walls opposite the windows will do more than anything else. You don't have to buy the expensive stuff, normal wall insulation will work too. To save space, these can be suspended from the ceiling like you mentioned.

    Don't get ripped off on acoustic treatment. If you want the real deal, search for Owens-Corning OC-703. Wrap them in burlap and you've got panels that sell for $100ea. Hope it helps. Looking forward to your new videos!

  3. I think once you start putting cabinets and benches (and your comfy chair) in the place, I think you'll find the echo disappearing.

  4. Love the shop space Walter.
    Apparently Mr. Rubb wants out though.
    Keep him inside for thirty days or he might just try to go back to old shop if he gets out. His crying was driving my four cats nuts…it was funny to watch them react to it.
    Blessings from SC.

  5. That's cool, I gave you a like. You've got some nice vids, been watching a bit. How long have you been doing the Youtube thing? I do vlogs myself, I've been doing some new stuff. If you want, check me out, I do funny vlogs, subscribe if you like me.

  6. Thanks for the shout out brother! I really like the way you edit your videos, what software do you use?

  7. Thank you my friend, very much!

    You have been on my " Great channels " selection, on my channels page since i watched my first video from you.

    You make very entertaining videos and quality job, its allways pleasure to watch them.

  8. I got my 1×30 belt for 110$ well worth it. Just wait until you see my next video it will be a shocker. LOL – and thanks for the shout out. I really enjoy your videos.

  9. thanks for the shout out, i agree with everything you said and am enjoying the journey too ,keep up the great work

  10. A si es mi amigo bien dicho bro, tu sabes que la vida es a si que da sorpresa,pero palante siempro mi gente y con mas fuersas dios es bueno 🙂


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