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Jet MortiserMortise Machine Basics - How to use a Hollow Chisel Mortiser

Mortise Machine Basics – How to use a Hollow Chisel Mortiser

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Mortise Machine Basics - How to use a Hollow Chisel Mortiser

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  1. John can you do the same mortises with a regular table drill or you need a dedicated machín please replay thank you

  2. Great video, very informative! I need to drill a couple of holes in a very specific location on a fixed piece, which would require me to have to use a hand drill. Can I use this bit with a hand drill?

  3. In 2 other videos I watched they stressed that you should not chisel into 3 sides at once, only 4 or 2. Your technique is causing the chisel to move toward the open side and could bend your chisel.

  4. Jon, yet another fabulous video! I always enjoy the various techniques you use. I have spent hours checking out your vids. Great job once again!

  5. Hi Jon–Great video as always–i have the exact same machine and have not used it yet–now I know how–thanks a bunch–do you have–or are you planning on a video that shows how you make the tenons for the mortises you cut on this video–Thanks

  6. I cant wait to see this table! I love the legs; they remind me of some of your very first videos where you found the legs in that barn in Vermont.


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