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Wood Lathe Home DepotMaking Large Dowels WITHOUT a Lathe // Woodworking Jig // Dowel Maker

Making Large Dowels WITHOUT a Lathe // Woodworking Jig // Dowel Maker

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I’m going to need some large dowels for an upcoming project, so I decided to experiment with different ways to go about that! This was a really fun experiment… I love that there is always multiple ways to achieve the same goal when woodworking

For more details, check out my website – https://www.3x3custom.com/tutorials/how-to-make-dowels


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Armor Tool Workbench – https://amzn.to/32mE0Ey
1/2″ Round Over Bit – https://amzn.to/2qilv5X
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Tools Provided by The Home Depot

DeWalt Atomic Drill – https://homedepot.sjv.io/L3o0Y
—– (Review on that Drill – http://bit.ly/32rdOIM)
Ridgid Cordless Router – https://homedepot.sjv.io/mVrgX
—– (Review on that Router – http://bit.ly/2VQex3G)


My Amazon Store – https://amzn.to/2uRpplb



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  1. Когда уже ютуб будет делать автоперевод ? Если бы не знал о чём речь не понал бы

  2. the jig you made for the router to make large dowels i need for you to tell me what type of bit you used i think you said it was an up cut bit but i need to know for sure exactly what kind, i made the jig i saw on your video for the router table, and all i am lacking is the correct bit to use, and believe me girl you are right on with your video and the instructions keep up the great videos a South Louisiana Friend here for sure, send me the info on that bit THANKS

  3. Nice! I love woodworking and I learned a couple of things today that I actually somehow did not know! Thanks for the tips!

  4. great video just what i was looking for for my yurt roof poles. dot have a router so it will be be the chisel method.

  5. your videos are informative as how to make much needed jigs. Making dowels can also be done on a lathe, either a wood lathe or a metal lathe. Its easier to use a metal lathe as it is much stronger.

  6. I only use hand tools. I have a dowel pointer bit for my brace. Then I switch to my tenon cutting bit which is infinitely adjustable up to 1.5 inches. 😀 Love your work.

  7. The language is already you speak in English but what the thing about a wording in English tex it block the actual core of the demo…

  8. @3x3Custom – Tamar – You are so creative!
    I'm just getting into woodworking & am so impressed with how creatively you solve your problems. It's much better to use ingenuity to solve problems instead of just running out and buying another piece of equipment.
    Well done!

  9. you need to have more support at the outside ends when doing the drill – remember three points of contact!

  10. Improve upon the Chisel over hole method by: making it so the chisel lays in a groove on the block… improve the drive shaft by using a bolt that is lag on one end and machine thread on the other, and a washer and nut to set the depth of it into the end of the proposed dowel.

  11. Before I got my lathe I would do things this way. However I still sand dowels by pounding a socket on the end. Electrical tape helps hold it together if sockets and extensions are loose. (Your other hand is free for sanding) But while you're teaching yourself a strategy, you'll pick up 3 more in the process. You can also use hole saws to turn your pieces, as long as they are similar diameter. And if you cut the top of your hole saws out, and mount it good, that would cut dowels as well. What the hell, go buy yourself a wood lathe. They are so much fun! Oh, and most hole saws are not near long enough!! So…… Why couldn't somebody buy steel pipe? Cut teeth on one end, and screw a cap on the other with say….⅝" nut welded on top? This person could take 40 grit sandpaper and thin the pipe walls above the teeth (reducing friction) this person could make it 6" or even 12". She could even post it on her own channel and show us how it works😁


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