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Cedar Woodworking ProjectsMaking Cedar Nightstands

Making Cedar Nightstands

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Welcome to Mean’s Woodshop! Today we’re making a matching pair of cedar nightstands. I used two different kinds of cedar in this project; western red cedar and eastern red cedar (or aromatic red cedar).

I’ve really been wanting to make some new nightstands for a while now, so it felt really good to finally make them. I had some issues laminating the tops, with all the rain and humidity we’ve had the tops kind of warped even after letting the glue dry overnight with weights.

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  1. Love the video – thanks for making it so easy for us DIYers. Question: what is the clamp/vise tool you’re using at 1:40 of the video to hold the boards together while gluing and fastening?

  2. I had to take some time off of work and decided to update my kitchen. I love the warmth that wood brings and ended up wainscoting and laying some pine boards above that. Turned out pretty good for my first project. Also bought what I needed from Harbor Freight….some good, some not so good. I really enjoy your first few videos and intend to watch the rest. Thanks for all of your help!! Stay safe!!

  3. I enjoy watching your creativity without working with big dollar tools. We've come to an age that many believe if your workshop is not worth $2-3,000 and up, that you cannot make anything that is appealing. I did subscribe your channel, however, watching you do all of that creative and talented woodwork without a dust mask is challenging. Your chop saw was throwing out so much cedar dust and fine particles, as well as your belt sander. Since you do not have the table saw or chop saw hooked up to a dust system or shop vac, you truly need at least a N95 disposable dust particle mask. My husband was a journeyman plumber and pipefitter. He died in 2002 (57 yr old) from mesothelioma from not wearing the proper mask when working around asbestos. Like yourself he gave me plenty of "reasons" why he would forget. Inhalation of cedar dust in an occupational setting can cause various lung symptoms. Take care and stay creative!!!


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