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Rockler Complete Dovetail JigHow to Use a Dovetail Jig and Make Half Blind Dovetails...

How to Use a Dovetail Jig and Make Half Blind Dovetails Drawers

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I spent a little time working with the rockler dovetail router jig. After getting familiar with the jig and dialing in the height of the router bit I was able to make pretty nice half blind dovetails consistently.
It definitely did take some time making all the final adjustments so I hope this video helps.

Rockler Complete Dovetail Jig: https://amzn.to/2De7xGo

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  1. I enjoyed this vedio , I purchased a similar jig and can’t seem to get it to work for me, I’ve spent at least 3 hours and cannot get the it to work like you just did. Very frustrating, After watching your Video I’ll have to take another shot at it😬. Mine is a Craftex. CT052N, looks very similar to what you were using. I realized my base plate didn’t have the right hole to be able to use a collar, I made one, perhaps that is part of my problem. 😩

  2. Thanks so much, Jon. I have the same jig, circa 2002. It's been sitting in my shop since I bought it and I finally broke it out to make some drawers. Your video was very helpful. Great production, thanks!

  3. Just a design question: why would you use half blind dovetails on the back of the drawer and not full dovetails? Or was it just for the video demo?

  4. Awesome job Jon….thank you. Is that jig expensive? It looks like something Rockler would want my first born for.

  5. Great video sir! I am starting out "hobby woodworking". Planning on building a chess board for a buddy and I want a drawer under it for the pieces. I have never used a dovetail jig, so this video gave me a pretty good understanding of "how to". Thank you!

  6. I’ve had the same Rockler jig sitting in the box inside my shop for at least 5 years unopened. This might be the motivation I needed to try it out finally. Nice video!

  7. Bought one of these over 20 years ago…. Never took it out of the box. Seemed too confusing to use. After 20 years I dug it out from under the bench and opened the box (time capsule). Thanks for the easy to understand video.. I got it up and working!

  8. Nicely explained! When will the desk video be available? Very interested to see how you finished/trimmed the plywood. Thanks, Jon.

  9. Thanks for posting. You always have great content. Maybe put down some painters tape and mark on it.

  10. Much thanks. I’ve had my jig for 2 years and have used it zero times. I blew the dust off and cleared a space on my bench.

  11. Jon, Happy New Year. Thanks for taking the mystery out of this jig. Even with the instructions I was kinda scratching my head. Off to make some shop boxes and then some drawers. 🇺🇸👍

  12. Nice video again Jon, I've had one of these jigs sitting in my shop for two years and had no idea how to even start with it. Next week, I'm gonna give it a shot, thanks and Happy New Year to you and yours.


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