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F Clamps For WoodworkingHow to Make an Easy F Clamp Storage Rack

How to Make an Easy F Clamp Storage Rack

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In this video present f clamp rack design: infinitely adaptable to any scale, and able to hold almost any type of clamp. You can build the whole thing with some scrap plywood, a jigsaw, and drill, and make one – no matter the size – in well under an hour.

Dimension : 50 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm
Material : poly wood 18 mm

To begin, you need to figure out three things: slot size, slot spacing, and slot length.

First, determine the thickness of the bar (or pipe) of your clamps. Add a bit of wiggle room and make it a nice easy number.

Next, attach two clamps side by side to a piece of scrap. Place them as close as you’d like them to be in your rack, and measure the distance between the CENTERS of the two bars. If you’re using multiple styles and sizes of clamps, make sure you choose two of your biggest.

Lastly, measure the distance between the front of the clamp and the back of the bar (and clamp head). 

NOTE: At this point, you can decide whether you want to store your clamps handles in front or handles in the back. If your handles go towards the wall, your slots will be much shorter, as only the distance behind the head gets slotted out, and the top jaw rests on solid wood. Gravity helps keep them in place.

That approach wouldn’t work for me, and here’s why: I’m hanging my clamps next to my workbench, and I’ll regularly be standing in front of them as I use my end vise. So, I want to use the clamps’ built-in capabilities to secure them to the rack so they won’t fall out or bounce around if I accidentally knock into them. Plus, I think all the handles lined up in a row look nice, and will encourage me to keep things neat and orderly. 

If you go with the handles in front design, you can still place them bar side out any time you want. So, handles in front/longer slot is the most versatile option.

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