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Intermediate Woodworking ProjectsHow to Build Boxes for Furniture - An Intermediate Woodworking Guide

How to Build Boxes for Furniture – An Intermediate Woodworking Guide

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Building boxes and cabinet making for woodworkers at an intermediate level.
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In this video I’m going over some tips and tricks for how I build boxes that are going to be incorporated into furniture projects. In addition to building a pair of mitered boxes, for a modern furniture project…one from plywood and one from hardwood…I also talk about box making in general, that will hopefully benefit you regardless of what style of woodworking you’re into.

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This is part 2, check out part one for beginners projects. Part two is aimed at intermediate woodworkers. In this video I tell you my very own top 10 selling woodworking projects that sell fast. All my projects for you to use as your own.


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  1. Hi. I’m always wondering how you keep your shop so clean. How do you organize or how often do you clean your shop.

  2. Truth…hardwood is better. Thanks for all those great tips Four…I’m pleased to meet you. And that destructive test on the box really gave some perspective on how strong the glued mitre is. Good stuff!

  3. I always pay attention to Nike sneakers in your videos, as I am a huge fan of shoes, but my preference is Reebok Club C 85, in my opinion this is a great model that has not lost its relevance after 35 years.

  4. damn. Was going to make wooden boxes that will inconveniently spill out from the back of my pick up truck but I need them to not break upon hitting the road :/

  5. He missed the most important part, how to cut and measure identical sized pieces with 90 degree corners. For beginners it's not so easy.

  6. Karl – a friend of mine who is a contractor, told me that when he sells a specially made item, he charges 3-4 times the cost of materials. Is that about what you charge?

  7. We were hoping to start our woodworking business too but realized your intermediate level products are way beyond our skills. LOL. Nice video, again!!

  8. Spot on Karl in our you’ve represented the skill levels needed to do different projects mate, I agree with you that it’s imperative to understand safety rules in making items & that’s a valid point you make.
    Cheers cobber 🍻🍻👍👍👍👍

  9. You are bang on about dining table, you could make the exact same table in a small coffee table version and you can't ask for nearly the dollars even know the same amount of steps have been done. (excluding the material cost of course) keen for the pricing video

  10. Hope all is good Karl. I'm just getting back from vacation with the family. So I am just now checking out this video and those are some great ideas. A while back I built my boys a bunk bed and I liked the way it turned out. Now I working on ideas for my daughter's bed. Love your content Karl….later

  11. Hi Karl its good to see your getting plenty of sales. Good variety of products you have on offer. Great glasses. Tony

  12. Another great video Karl and looking forward to part 3. It’ll be great to see a video on the children’s bed. I’ve made a loft bed for my son and would be great to see how you construct your bed.

  13. Hi Karl great video again mate…could you email me how much you charge for the toy chest.. I've made one, and engraved it..I'm delivering it Tuesday. But ain't got a clue how much to charge lol… jigseywood@gmail.com cheerz mate

  14. Hiya bud, nice video again. Was actually re-watching your first videos last night, specifically around the issue with planning etc. I did ask on part one of this if this was now full time(woodwork not youtube) but it got deleted somehow


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