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Woodworking Projects TableHow to Build a Modern Nightstand / Side Table with a Flippable...

How to Build a Modern Nightstand / Side Table with a Flippable Top | DIY Woodworking Project

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In this video, I’m building a modern nightstand / side table. It was an enjoyable woodworking project and one I thoroughly enjoyed making. I designed this nightstand with a tabletop that flips to have a cup holder and a snack tray (or phone holder) on one side and a beautiful circular tabletop on the other.

I made this table for my son, so it was a very special piece of furniture and one I wanted to build to last. In addition, I wanted to make the nightstand fit in with his new bed frame, so for that, I went with a mid-century modern inspired design. This nightstand features three tapered legs that elegantly join together at the stretchers with mortise and tenon joinery. If you want, you could substitute the solid wood top for a piece of glass and showcase how this piece is built.

I had a ton of fun building this bedside table and added many little details that round out the whole piece. I know my son will enjoy this table for years, so I hope you enjoy the build and it inspires you to DIY. Enjoy the build video!

PROJECT PLANS: http://bit.ly/nightstandplans

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  1. Beautiful work in both filming and woodwork. Innovative design. But as a father of teenagers I remember the age your son is at now VERY well. A table with a detached top and a prominent cantilever over three legs could be dangerous depending on the personality of the kid.


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