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Unique Wood ProjectsHere's What to Know About WENGE LUMBER

Here's What to Know About WENGE LUMBER

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Not many woods emit an alluring mystique like wenge does – it’s a naturally black-and-brown and it fits in as the choice for custom, high-end wood projects. You can cut it, carve it, turn it, and even bleach it to get a unique look. We’ll step you through what you should know about working with it and finishing it in your projects.

00:00 Why Wenge is Special
00:24 Who Are We?
00:43 What’s Wenge Wood Like?
01:09 What’s The Tree Like?
01:33 How Does Wenge Get its Color?
01:48 How is it Different from Ebony?
02:17 Building with Wenge
02:30 Best Glue for Wenge?
02:48 Make a Wenge Table Top
03:30 What Projects are Good for Wenge?
03:55 Wenge End Grain Cutting Board
04:36 Best Finish for Wenge
05:25 Bleaching Wenge
06:15 Wenge Pros and Cons

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  1. My Guitar's fretboard is made of wenge and I can't find any specific instructions of how to maintain it. Do I maintain it with lemon oil and fretboard conditioner just like I would do with a rosewood or an ebony fretboard?

  2. Wonderful video with loads of insights!

    I have one question – I hope I'm not far too late to the party.
    If someone wanted to commit the sin, and try to stain wenge to a jet black, for example to make it even closer to ebony, is there any chance? I see that it's quite an oily wood and probably resists most attempts… I wonder if only the lighter grain would take a black stain. Any experience?

  3. Beautiful wood, but not so good for those of us with wood allergies. I get significant rashes from it, and have consequently also developed more sensitivity to my beloved padauk. But with the appropriate safety measures, and some conscientious handling, it’s all good. And thanks for the bleach tip!

  4. I was thinking of using some face grain or edge grain for some accents in a cutting board. would this work? would I have to worry about it splintering from use/cleaning?

  5. is the bleached wood food safe? it seemed like you used regular household bleach, correct? this is kinda odd but i think i’m gonna make a pair of chopsticks out of a spare piece of wenge i have and i’d love to bleach one of them for a kind of yin yang effect lol

  6. do you know if your wenge is ethically sourced and logged? I just worried with it being endangered and coming out of Africa it may not be sustainably harvested potentially depriving future generations of this beautiful tree.

  7. Have this wood in my high end guitars and apparently the saw dust is very toxic…which is pretty metal if you ask me bahahaha

  8. Amazing video!
    Amazing projects!
    Very Informative, and you throwing out all of the different options on finishing is something ALL of us appreciate.
    You put some work into this video


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