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Wright Furniture PlansFrank Lloyd Wright's Organic Plans

Frank Lloyd Wright's Organic Plans

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In this video we take a look at the floor plans of Frank Lloyd Wright and breakdown what goes into his organic architecture. We begin with some of his early work like the Ward Willits house and compare it with a more standard ‘Single Style House’ of the period. Then, we see how these concepts and techniques are translated into later works like Robie House. Important aspects of Frank Lloyd Wrights Organic Architecture include diagonal movement, overlapped corner rooms, corner windows, and a design process that goes from the inside out. All this goes into thinking specifically about organic plans as a particular category of open concepts.

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  1. Can't express how excited I am to discover this series. Short, informational video essays are my jam and finding a series on architecture has been REALLY tough.

    I would love it if you did a series of videos on architecture's most important buildings/houses.

  2. Hi Stewart, love this video! Real Estate and Architects do think about Open Concepts differently. Great explanations as always!

  3. Woah!! I loved the video but there seems to be something wrong with the volume of your voice in this video and your next one. I hope you'll keep making these videos and Ill be waiting for the next one.

  4. I'm a big proponent of rooms. Which oddly seems to be an unpopular stance in real estate. Great to see how FLLW ideas of openness are so different than the contemporary idea of the "open floor plan".

  5. I was waiting for the Urbana 9-square to make an appearance in this series! I hope it has further cameos in store 🙂


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