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Long Wood ClampsExtend the Capacity of Your Clamps|How to Clamp Large Assemblies with Short...

Extend the Capacity of Your Clamps|How to Clamp Large Assemblies with Short Clamps

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I’ve been working on a pair of new beds for my daughters and ran into a snag. The head and foot boards are 5’ wide but my longest clamps are only 4’. So I needed to pull out some old tricks to be able to clamp up these long assemblies.
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In this video I show how I extended some ratchet clamps without spending much money!
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  1. Great tips on your video, I'll be using them in the very near future, especially the straps one…. why didn't I think of that…..!

  2. Great tips Bob. I had never thought of using smaller clamps closer together so that you don't have to span as far. Thanks for making your videos

  3. Those clamps are the same cheep clamps sold by Harbor Freight. I bought a few of them and found out that i could have flushed my money down the toilet just as easily. They are made of cheep brittle plastic and untreated metal that rusts quickly in humid weather regions. I've used only a couple once and now they are all rusted and have 2 out of the 4 with broken plastic pieces.

  4. Done exactly the same as this a few years back, i just buy the shortest clamps i can and buy the steel to extend them. You save a absolute fortune on large clamps if you don't need the same clamping pressure as long sash's

  5. Or drill hole at end of each bar then attach s hooks. use chain in between. That way u can pick whatever link on chain u need for length. It's an extension piece between 2 clamps (butt end to butt end) got the idea from some gadget they were selling that reminded me of chinese finger trap (Google it)


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