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2x6 Wood ProjectsDiy 5 Gifts from a Single 2x6 | Woodworking | Gift Ideas

Diy 5 Gifts from a Single 2×6 | Woodworking | Gift Ideas

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In this video I Make 5 Gifts from one 2×6

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  1. The blade has obviously hit the aluminum fence a time or two. Need to hone your safety skills. Sacrificial fence

  2. Amazing work, very much enjoy your videos. How do you figure out your barrels? Like the angles and how many pieces of how wide to make them proper.

  3. I must admit the 21:20 part made me clench my butt cheeks even though there was the fence, maybe consider a jig would be a safe option. But who am I to talk, indeed.

  4. I know youโ€™re probably tired of the safety comments but if you think anyone is exaggerating, please rewatch this and slow it down. You let your fingers get within an inch or less at times, like others have said I hope you never have an accident but itโ€™s bound to happen like this my friend.

  5. Awesome work and ideas, and for all the people (MANY) who said the same thing about safety, I think he got the message about 500 messages ago Enough LOL, life was and always will be dangerous, it's just how it works Yes I know he could do things a bit different, but sometimes like it or not, people get into a flow and things just happen,, but accidents will always be a thing no matter what. so try not being so scared about every little ting all the time and relax. my goodness.

  6. Some really great ideas here and across your channel. This the video that brought me to your channel and it was the positive comments that made me look at some of your other content and people are right, you are really creative and have a very economic use of material which is very impressive. You clearly have skills or the results wouldn't be as good as they are so must have been working with these kinds of tools for some time and so must have respect for the power they have and what they could do to you. To be fair every time you adjust the position of the table saw blade a warning appears on screen about how blades are dangerious and others have pointed out the other saftey stuff you are doing. For what it's worth I think none of these comments are designed to attack you but more out out of concern. Many out of concern for you as you're a skilled and talented guy with ideas people enjoy seeing come to life and they selfishly want to be able to keep seeing that happen which means keeping your hands in good working order. Also be aware there are going to be people watching this who are looking to get started and perhaps haven't quite realised that a razor sharp saw blade spinning at 1.5k rpm might come off the better for it if introduced to their hand. You're doing great work though and don't be disheartened, when I was your age I did some stuff with electronics which looking back on it I'd scream at myself for now even knowing that nothing bad ever came of any of it, life is a learning process and you can never know everything just try to anticipate the for the things we didn't know would happen.

  7. As everyone has commented on great work, and safety also you need to protect your eyes, wear safety glasses you only have one set eyes and that split second you can really due damage, be safe.

  8. Please. You are not using your table saw correctly. Please watch a tablesaw safety video before doing any more projects. And take this video down. Someone is going to imitate you and lose an eye or a finger.


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