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Cnc Routers For WoodworkingCNC How-to: Using router collet adapters

CNC How-to: Using router collet adapters

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We’ve put together this handy video on how to correctly use router collet adapters for CNC machining. We’ve recently received a huge influx of questions regarding this process.

These adapters are used when a smaller shanked endmill is needed to fit into a larger sized router collet.

This video will likely be very handy for those with one of our YouCarve CNC Machines and other machines that use typical trimmer/routers instead of spindles.

If you need some router adapters they can be found on our 3D store here:


Music provided by RFM: https://youtu.be/zrWD1v-0LSo
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  1. I often have collets that loosen due to vibration. If a job is > 10 minutes and the bit is a little stressed, your bit will fall out of the collet and possibly damage your router / workpiece (I guess due to the heat). Unfortunately this happens very often.


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