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Woodworking SitesChina woodworking Tools Episode 2

China woodworking Tools Episode 2

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Woodworking Tools from China. Not every Woodworking tool from China is a fairy tale! So we put them to the test! See product links in the description!

Visit my site: https://www.hookedonwood.online for ranking from all my China tool products I tested!

If you like my content and you want to support my channel, please use one of my links below if you visit Banggood. Thanks for your support.

In this video:

Drillpro Alloy T-160 mm Measuring Ruler
Drillpro Alloy T-260 mm Measuring Ruler
Drillpro Angle Ruler
Here is the link to the first episode where we discussed the Kerfmaker


All the products from this review I bought on banggood

In this series of video’s I discuss 1 or 2 woodworking tools and give you an honest opinion if it is a woodworking tool you can consider or you better leave it alone.

in this video, I compare, the Chinese T-ruler with the Incra T-ruler. And I review an Angle ruler or combination square.

I have a lot of woodworking tools from China. I bought them all on Banggood.com. But you can buy them probably also from sites like alibaba.com, Aliexpress.com, and Ebay.com

I have a good experience with Banggood.com and they have a lot of woodworking tools nicely organized on their site.

In this video, I show you a product that is known as:

Drillpro Alloy T-160 Measuring Ruler

Drillpro Angle Ruler

The first episode is about a Kerfmaker

The site I bought all my china tools is:

My name is Dennis and I am from Hooked on Wood.
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Where to find cheap lumber or even free lumber is on a lot of Woodworker minds. These are some of the sources I have found to get lumber for free, trade or cheap. from firewood riven or split. or finding 20K Board feet of white oak for $ .50 a BF. the hand tool woodworker knows that you can trade time for money and this even counts toward finding free or cheap lumber.

Millers Woods Chainsaw mill – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfT4R8pLv2x9yrpuIrLinmg

Matt Cremona – https://www.youtube.com/user/mcremona

How to make free lumber from fire wood – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=he4JkbYLij0

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  1. I'm a new wood worker, but since I've made and sold a table and a few picture frames… that makes me a professional somewhat. That said your videos explain things well and I'm gonna go with the china version because I'm not very delicate with my tools yet.
    Thanks for sharing your information 👍🏾

  2. I would love to buy from China but as I understand it, it's basically like slave labour is used for most of their exports. Maybe I am wrong about that. I will have to do some more research. I wish this world was not so evil.

  3. I’ve been looking to kit out enough basic tools to make some simple home furniture, I was looking at a few of the woodpecker ones and just couldn’t justify the cost for just a hobby, so I looked to China, and this has convinced me the quality will be good enough for my needs.

  4. Put your t-ruler against the top instead of bottom of your material then you won’t have to turn your pencil in such a way to get to the edge of your material with your lead.

  5. I just stumbled upon your channel and you have great content. You have yourself a new subscriber. Greetings from Portugal!

  6. the things that i bought on your video recommendations, absolutely love them. you helped me save money and spend on the right product. Thanks a lot

  7. Hi there, so I'm a young teenager and I really don't have any money at all to spend🙁 or the means to drive myself somewhere. An I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on where to get wood so I can build a raised garden bed.

  8. what are the names of the clamps in front of him? If I could buy the metal components for cheap, I those would be some awsome panel clamps.

  9. Here in CT. sawers get top dollar for wood. Every once in a while I will need a lot of one type of wood for a furniture piece, then I go to a sawer. I'm going to pay almost the same amount whether I go to a lumberyard or a sawyer and I would much rather give my money to a local small business than a big outfit. I installed a 2000lb capacity crane in my truck bed and there is always free "firewood" after storms and I go for that wood. I take up to 3' long logs, (I can lift that onto my bandsaw) and longer 3" wide and up branches too. I resaw them into boards, bowl blanks, and spoon blanks. The crane is currently hand crank, but I'll be updating the hand crank to a power winch so I'm not cranking all day, lol. Have you thought of a crane for your truck?

  10. Looking for old furniture is a good tip: there’s a lot of high quality solid wood but arse-ugly pieces out there that people are hoping to make 20 bucks from before they throw them away.

  11. Was once planing down a price of wood from the orange box and fucked up my iron on a rusty nail in the center that looked like it was from ancient Rome

  12. ☝ EVERY lumber company with a mill throws out a ridiculous amount of expensive wood – cut offs, edgings, project leftovers etc. Most woodworkers would be sick 😱 if they knew what disappears into the dumpster. Most of the drops are from high end kiln-dried hardwoods, too mahogany, maple, oak, cherry, even – not many custom millwork projects being run from 1×4 utility grade DF 😂

    There are 2 reasons why so much ends up wasted rather than given away:

    #1) Giving it away actually requires effort/time/work/risk. EVERYONE says something like "Let me know, I'll take it!" Mostly people don't show, show up ill-prepared to haul, need to be phoned, only want certain sizes or species, need help loading, make a mess separating, ask you to hold it for later, want to sift through the dumpster etc. In short, it's such a PITA that yards instantly regret making the offer and don't do it again.
    #2) Ironically, the better the quality/wood/size of the cut-offs, the more likely you are to lose a customer over it 🤔 Here's why? Say someone is a small but steady retail customer for 4/4 x 8" FAS Cherry. Thinking he's doing them a solid, the lumber company rep gives them a small pallet of cherry cut-offs that was headed for the dumpster. More often than not, those recurring retail orders are replaced by a barrage of requests for more dumpster treasures. At a minimum, the customer subconsciously starts to wonder why he's being charged so much for the same kind of wood that (occasionally) gets tossed.

    All of this hassle is avoided when the wood is quietly trashed. I'm not saying this is a justification – just that it goes on ALL THE TIME. I've been in hardwood manufacturing for 25 years.

    My channel is about to release a YouTube video on how woodworkers can actually get their hands on some of it.

  13. MOVING WEEKENDS (end/beginning of the month) truck around the townhouse type condo complexes. It is amazing what people throw out. I find all kinds of $heet goods; bookshelves, table tops, laminated/veneer panels, I used some to make a tricked out router table, to make drawers/boxes and go-to for jigs and fences. Large diameter hardwood dowel curtain rods, hardwood posts. Lots of sofas and couches whose secondary wood of the frames are 2x material of straight grain Mahogany if you don't mind disassembly and staple pulling. I've gotten several 1×9 (actual) by 7 ft long and 3 ft 3x out of one good size couch at times. Large-ish metal and glass sheets. All WITHOUT getting into any dumpster ever. Pay attention to nails/screws and other tire threats driving/parking near dumpsters.

  14. On your shop made barclamps,……………what brand screws are they. Ilike that idea,…home made bars but I need those screws andfar end. Are they cast iron?

  15. In my town there is a door milling facility, this one is a McCoys. They make doors for custom houses, most are hard wood. One day I was at the Habitat store (they call them ReStore around here) and they had 8 hard wood doors, most full 8' length. They said the doors came from the door mill place and were mistakes, that is they were built wrong. I bought them all for $150. I figure there is about 12 – 15 bf in each door, making this wood pretty cheap. You have to knock the doors apart and there might be some waste, since some doors already have the lock and doorknob holes drilled. However, at $1.50/bf, it is still a great buy.

  16. I got some big logs of willow for free but now i am worried, that this is not a good wood to work with. Do you have any suggestions?

  17. Your intro about saving money and stronger arms. That's been me with my chopping firewood, and hand milling, and woodworking. My doctor asked me if I was working out on my last visit since BP, pulse, and weight were all lower. I said, nope, just woodworking. She said woodworking isn't a workout. I said, the way I do it, it is. Haha.


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