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Hand Planes For SaleBuying Used Hand Planes- What to LOOK for !

Buying Used Hand Planes- What to LOOK for !

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Chad Stanton has a special guest in his shop, Dennis Laney. Chad and Dennis talk about what to look for when purchasing a used Stanely metal hand plane.

Watch This Before Buying Handplanes for Woodworking

Which handplanes do you need for woodworking? Joshua introduces the 3 types of handplanes, the 6 types of bench planes, and shares advice on buying your …
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  1. Mostly guy use the lever cap for undoing the nut on the chip breaker to remove it from the Iron , not a good practice , better to use a good fitting screwdriver .

  2. Thanks for the info, I have a few used hand planes. love to hear about restoring the Stanley cast-iron planes

  3. I would love to know if you are buying a new pkane to start with, what features to look for. there are a lot out there and its intimidating to know whats worth the money or if something cheaper will do the work

  4. I would really look forward to more videos on old hand planes, restoration and maintenance, as a user not an investor/collector. Length of videos doesn't matter much if the content is clearly explained or demonstrated and smoothly edited. I find this video a good example of an entertaining and educational experience but must say I do not enjoy just listening to 3 or 4 people chat about things in general or how they do it better than everyone else. Thanks for posting this and I will await further editions.

  5. Yes to both! Do it! Especially cause I'm getting to appreciate the value in hand tool woodworking, and looking forward to buying my own instead of borrowing from friends.

  6. Thank you Gentlemen, very interesting. Yes go for a full series on the planes. I'll be sure to watch them all. Well Chad, here's me thinking I'm doing alright with 15 plane ( total), How will I ever catch you up LOL

  7. Nice video I have a few planes (less than fifty) myself but Dennis has information that I still find useful. I bought a #3 Woodriver because finding a decent one after Chris Schwarz touted them on his blog was difficult to find at a reasonable price.

  8. If you're listening, my first plane I bought was a vintage Craftsman No. 4 that I set up for scrubbing and then I bought a Taylor No. 5 for $99, which I tuned up for smoothing. Did I do that backwards? The Taylor is nice and I didn't want to spend $99 for a scrub when my Craftsman cost me $30.

    Also, should I add a no. 7 to my lineup? I'm holding off on that unless I spot a real gem for a low price on craigslist.

  9. That's up till now the best video on handplanes for woodworking I saw till noww… and I watched quite a few. Keep up the good work … maybe with a video on tuning smoothing planes 😉

  10. A video on tuning would be great! I've just purchased some older planes and seem to not be able to tune the blade adjustment very well


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