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Build A Shop On A Budget: Idea Shop 6 – $150 x 26 Paychecks – WOOD magazine

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Here’s the plan – Build a complete low cost woodworking shop in 1 year, budgeting only 0 out of every 2 week paycheck. This video will tell you exactly what items to get with each paycheck that will fit your budget. Also, how much to hold back for those big items down the road. It’s a very strategic, comprehensive plan to build you a full wood working shop in 1 year, but be able to build simple projects within the first few weeks. If you’ve always wanted to start a shop but just didn’t know where to start or what tools to start with – now you do!

Find links to many of the products sourced for this shop at https://www.amazon.com/shop/woodmagazine?listId=1Y9508XWFEE57
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  1. I know this is an old vid. But anyone new to woodworking Do not waste your money on a benchtop jointer. Even buying a 6 inch floor jointer is a waste of money. Learn the art of hand jointing (it's not that hard) and after time if your work flow dictates a jointer save up and get an 8 inch. Other than that great vid 🤘

  2. Don’t do this. Find a small, simple project that you think will sell pretty good. Buy the tools required only for that project which will usually be, circular saw, drill, level, finishes (etc.). I’d recommend a project that can be done with two 8ft boards, that way you’re only spending about 9 bucks per project. As you build and sell, reinvest that money to other projects that require a few different tools, you’ll build up fast than you’d think

  3. Build a shop on a budget.
    Step 1: have a job.
    No shop for my dad, then

    Alternatively, live in a country that doesn't have their wages around 400$/month

  4. other tools are miter saw scroll saw or bandsaw and lots more. i wish i used this guide when i started my first woodshop

  5. That’s just 4000 dollars total so I would save along my paycheck and save 50 so I have 100 for bills

  6. Now do this in a one-car garage, and include storage for bikes, holiday decorations, washer, dryer, refrigerator. Good video though, I got some good ideas.

  7. So it is legal to make a workshop in a garage and build things then sell them ?

    I want to be a carpenter, that’s why I’m asking 😓

  8. Where did you get a circular saw worth using and a sheet of plywood and a sheet of foam for $150.00??? Then you found a rigid table saw? Yeah, sorry not finishing the video

  9. I wish I had seen excellent videos like this before.
    I would have equipped a shop in cash within 2 months.

    With a downturn on the economy and being unemployed nearly a year I see know way ahead in my area of specialty: Structured Cabling, Electronic Security and Video Surveillance systems.

    Now, savings have dried up I have this strong desire of designing and custom-built kitchens.

    I hope that I'd soon start acquiring the tools locally in México City as Amazon prices are climbing. $1US=$25MXP!

    @150/fortnight = $7500MXP. That's nearly what I earned per month!😱

    Anyway, I'm ready for a career and start living on woodworking!

  10. Spend 50 bucks on a used Radial Arm saw! with that you have 4 tools in one and money left over.
    And room to park a car.

  11. skip this save all 26 weeks worth of 150 dollars but do it for 3 years, then buy festool track saw! you might have to get a loan too. or sell a kidney. you could always sell you first born!
    Or your wife's car.
    save for 10 more years and buy a sawstop table saw, you'll need this if you think you can fallow this plan. You too dumb to have a none Sawstop table saw and you'll get hurt on any other brand.


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