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Woodcraft ChiselsBevel Edge Socket Chisels From Woodriver-RobCosman.com

Bevel Edge Socket Chisels From Woodriver-RobCosman.com

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The new WoodRiver chisels, available in various sizes ranging from 1/8″ – 1-1/4″.

You can purchase them here: https://robcosman.myshopify.com/products/wood-river-chisels?variant=5853900341286
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  1. Just recieved my set in Western Australia. They needed very little work to bring them up to sharpness and the backs were pretty flat. One of the things I liked about them is how good they feel in your hand and how shiney you can get the edges to come up on the strop. They did'nt cost a fortune and took 14 working days to arrive out here. I glued the handles to the shaft as it just felt better to me doing that. Overall very happy.

  2. I chuckled when you mentioned the bevel edge. I just bought a couple Lie-Nielsen chisels. I was pairing a shoulder and started seeing blood. I looked down and realized the side of the chisel was slicing my finger. It wasn't deep but I know now to watch out for it. The way Woodcraft ground their chisels is a nice feature.

  3. I like to see you promote these new tools. I believe they are really helpful for those that can't afford the most expensive even if we will probably never see one in Central Europe without shipping costing more than the item itself. Rob, I think a small project using only Wood River tools would really help people to understand the quality you talk about and show people what can be achieved using them 🙂 ॐ

  4. How would you compare these to the Stanley Sweetheart 750 chisels? I really do like these Stanleys but can be a little cumbersome when it comes to dovetails and other tight spots.

  5. Could you explain what work you have done on the handles? Purchased 3 of these a while ago and am very happy with them, but have had a little trouble getting the handles to seat in the socket. First new socket chisels though so maybe my standards are off. Thanks!

  6. I wish I wasn't so broke iam working with 2 HD chisels a crappy coping saw an cheap Stanley block plane, it's all good tho iam still gonna make a sweet box, just got my pallet wood planed flat gonna practice my first dovetails prolly by tomorrow. Someday I will have nice hand tools, until then iam working with what I got. I like the cut of ur jib Mr. Cosman, life goals.


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