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Woodworking Events2017 PUBLIC EVENTS SCHEDULE- Free woodworking plans for everyone!

2017 PUBLIC EVENTS SCHEDULE- Free woodworking plans for everyone!

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2/11/17 10:00-12:00 (at least) @ Kennisaw, GA Rockler store
3/4/17 10:00-12:00 (at least) @ Novi, MI Woodworking Show
4/15/17 10:00-12:00 @ Orland Park, Ill Rockler store
5/16/17 7pm @ Dewitt, MI (Mid-Michigan Woodworker’s Guild)

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Rockler: http://www.rockler.com/?SSAID=1293671
Tormek: http://www.tormekus.com/
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  1. I loved "New Yankee Workshop." I was surprised when Tommy Mac left "Rough Cut." Never got to see him use that brand new shop, except when he made the doors for the lumber storage. Then they had Tom McLaughlin. Now "Rough Cut" isn't even carried on any of my stations. The absolute apex in wood working shows was/is "The Woodwright's Shop." I would love to see Roy Underhill and Norm Abrams, or George Vondriska, get together to make the same projects each using their own tools. I liked "This Old House" in its original format. Now it is "This Rich Old House." It has become a place where the contractors are getting millions of dollars in free advertising and the show goes for the most expensive upgrades and remodeling that they can think of.

  2. This woodworking book “pepe amazing plan” (Google it) covers everything from wood types to tool types and also uses. Some other subjects range from the several types of wood and their distinct levels of difficulty when it comes to handling them. This book has been very helpful and is a good one for somebody just getting into woodworking..

  3. since you said "free woodworking plans for everyone!", please send me the code via email. Or is this a miss leading title?

  4. Hey Stump, haven't seen Mustache Mike in a while or is he the smart one in the family and spends his winter in the south 🙂

  5. Tell your friends at rockler that they have 100 mio potential customers in Europe, which totally ignore. There is not a single store of the kind you have. Every tool is sold through Lowes style Giants. I can't believe rockler does not see the potential.

  6. I wish you were coming to Central Ohio, would love to shake your hand. Will try to make the MI show, if I can find someone to share the cost.


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