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George VondriskaWWGOA LIVE: June 20 2017 Woodworking Q&A with George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE: June 20 2017 Woodworking Q&A with George Vondriska

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Thanks for watching. We’re so happy to be coming to you with much better technology. Check out the great audio and video on this live stream. And, check out the great questions, turning to tablesaws, we covered a lot of ground.

1:21 Festool Domino
2:03 Proper length of fasteners
2:53 Setting a combination square
4:36 George’s new favorite joke
5:24 Changing brakes on a SawStop
10:46 Avoiding/dealing with squeeze out
13:25 Titebond 2 vs Titebond 3
14:30 Durable top coat for a bed
15:00 Using a jointer and table saw for rips
17:55 Can teak oil be tinted?
19:25 Fastening a vise to a workbench
20:52 Routing sapele and mahogany; reducing chipping
22:40 Drawer lock joint in corners that don’t meet at 90-degrees
24:56 Most difficult wood George has ever turned
26:13 SawStop blade won’t retract all the way
31:13 Pencil for marking dark wood
33:54 Caster recommendations
36:20 Making bow ties for slab furniture using Aspire
37:40 Damp rag for wiping glue?
39:00 Clamping pocket hole joints
40:27 Molasses for rust removal?
41:20 Retrofitting an old table saw with guard and splitter
43:00 Bar top finishes than can be used outside
44:00 Parts for a Performax 22-44
46:00 Sealing metal to avoid rust
47:03 Shop vacuum for dust collection?
48:40 Router or dado head for dadoes?
49:00 Woodworking as a career
51:42 Wood cups after glue up
53:41 Face frame on a corner cabinet
54:00 Favorite brand of lathe chisels
54:30 Squaring a cabinet
1:00:43 George’s teaching schedule

George Vondriska is best known for his work with the Woodworkers’ Guild of America. http://www.wwgoa.com/ The Woodworkers’ Guild really is a big deal, but as big as that is there is a LOT more to George than just that.

Of course George is a professional woodworker. But George is also trained as a woodworking instructor. If fact, he spent years teaching woodworking to commercial woodworkers in places like Anderson Windows. He even taught woodworking to people in the Pentagon. He also taught woodworking in Africa while he was in the Peace Corps. Before joining the Woodworkers’ Guild of America he ran his own woodworking school called the Wild Earth Woodworking School. Earlier in his career he taught for Shopsmith and he also taught jwas gracious enough to invite me over to the Vondriska Woodworks one afternoon. We spent the entire afternoon working on a series of interview videos. We also did a shop tour video and George also described why he likes Adjustable Height Workbenches. (He has three of them!) This is the first of the interview videos that we filmed that day. I am particularly slow with the editing process, but I will have the remaining videos up on YouTube as soon as I can.

George is an amazing guy

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  1. George, putting large rubber wheels on the camera (mount/tripod/stand/) whatever would make for much quieter and smoother moves when Crista has to reorient the camera around the shop. It seems like you have small wheels riding on a concrete floor, that makes the movement "choppy" and noisy. Sorry about the criticism, although your content and all your videos are extremely helpful and informative.

  2. My Freud table saw blade is gummed up around the carbide teeth from cutting pine. Which solvent/cleaner will remove it ant wont damage the non stick finish on the rest of the blade?

  3. the video is vastly improved; however, both you and Crista seem to be speaking from the bottom of a barrel. Body mikes would be a game changer. Would love to be able to clearly hear the questions rather than have to guess as to their content.

  4. Charlie,

    You're getting better and better at the interview. Your editing has gotten better too. Glad I learned something new about a fellow Chicago guy! Thanks!

  5. I feel privileged to meet this person even though it is only virtually. 
    Nice format, Charlie and great job with calmly asking interesting questions… 
    Look forward to the shop tour of Georges shop if I understood it correctly.

  6. You're right. George is an amazing person with lots of experience. Which he does a great job
    of imparting on his viewers. Always a pleasure watching him.


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