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Invisible Wood JointsWOODWORKING TRICK: Simple Way to Eliminate Joint Gap

WOODWORKING TRICK: Simple Way to Eliminate Joint Gap

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WOODWORKING TRICK: Simple Way to Eliminate Joint Gap

Learn a simple trick for quickly and accurately eliminating gaps in wooden parts. Anyone can do this.

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Welcome to Paul’s Toolbox where home improvement expert Paul Ricalde provides in-depth videos that teach beginners how to renovate their homes using the most cost-effective and efficient tools.

In this video, Paul shares how to take two pieces of wood and join them back together with no seams. He shows you how to make seamless woodworking joints that are undetectable. He provides woodworking tips that will make you a better carpenter.

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  1. Or you could adjust the angle on your mitre saw and fix the problem far more smoothly.. Or just use a speed square in conjunction with your circular saw, assuming that's a longer board.

  2. In the construction business that would be a bad waste of time. Totally unnecessary. That lumber will shrink and you said it was to be covered anyway. If your cut man would have used a Speed Square, regardless of if he was on the line. The cut would be straight. Even so, when taking in the entire length of the board, it may not match anyway. Nothing but a waste of time, that only a novice carpenter would make. This is rough carpentry, framing. Not finish or cabinet and clock making. I was in the business for nearly 50 years building fine homes. You after being told once, would not work for me. Time is money. A gigantic gap would warrant a fix, but that would indicate something more was wrong besides a cut man wasn't any good. BTW, in many states, those deck screws holding that box board is NOT to code. Not at all. You've got a header board attached to an existing structure. Unknown what to and how attached from Video. I can clearly see no joist hangers. Meaning you to nailed your joists into the header board. Again, in most states not to Code. Why do you have ripped pieces of lumber on top of all your joists and the wall header board? A screw up on measuring? Not good, as soon as you nail down whatever it is for flooring. You just split and promoted instant rot to those 'shims'. I don't have any idea where this is. But most jurisdictions now call for a building permit for anything OUTSIDE, even if done by you. That has been the law for many many many years. Your deck/floor system as it sits, would fail an inspection, with good reason. Your term as you call it "kerfing" is not kerfing. Kerfing is used for two different things. One is to relieve a piece of lumber to allow for bending. MANY MANY precise cuts would be made to allow this. The other kerfing is when a amount of wood is to be removed in such as a joint is cut several times in between the outside lines to remove loads of wood thru kerfs to speed up the chiselling process. Im not trying to rag on you, but Damn. It is very clear clear that this is not your trade, and videos like this should be made by those that are in the business and know what they are doing. As well as all the terminology.

  3. This is not a woodworking tip, this is a frameing tip. I guess your logic says yes, you are working with wood.

  4. For rough construction I would use the circular saw for that. The multi-tool would be great for finer work though!

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  6. Wow! Amazing woodwork Paul! I wish I watch you just a day earlier, but I can use your technique on a second 47" cabinet door. I have to cut and combined 3 small doors together to get a long door to utilize it's existing profile. I couldn't line up perfectly because I drilled 3 holes in each side and insert 1/4" Wooden dowels.

  7. What extra steps (if any) are needed to retain wood-grain finish like original panel had, while hiding the glue line?? Thanks!

  8. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I want to make a head board but I have no choice but to use different pieces of wood because of the way that I want it to look, (it’s hard to explain), but I really want it to be seamless and I couldn’t find a proper or a really good video on how to do this! I really hope I can pull it off. New subbie πŸ’•


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