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Woodpeckers WoodworkingWoodpeckers Tools - Most and Least Used

Woodpeckers Tools – Most and Least Used

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In this video I share the Woodpeckers Tools that I use the most, and the ones I use the least and reasons for both. Very common question I get asked, hope you enjoy.

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  1. How’s it gone just found your Channel the other day. I started watching some of your videos. I did subscribe. Love your work, out of curiosity do you have plans for your woodpecker display? I love the way that it looks and I’m interested in getting majority of the tools that you have hanging there.

    Thanks a lot have a great day

  2. Question: I do not mean to pry into your finances so take this as someone who is trying to start a side hustle for himself. In your shop tour video with Bates you said you purchased the tools in your shop with the profits from your wood working jobs. If I understand you correctly, you are in the Army (SNCO or Officer?) so I know what that pay scale looks like. The tools in your current shop are some of the highest end products available on the planet. What do you make and how often are you making them to generate such profits? So far what I am building is for my use or for my immediate family. I am a public high school teacher so I do not have youtube star status fantasies. I enjoy building and got into about four years ago when my wife began getting bids for a 17 foot long built in for our living room. I thought "I can do that" and got educated via youtube….and by golly I built it and it looks nice (thumps own chest). Enough so I have people asking my wife If I would possibly consider a build for them. Bids in our area for custom work are crazy high. The bid wifey got for the built in was $19,000 dollars. I spent about 4 grand on new tools and another 1,300 on materials doing it myself. Anyways, that is probably more about me than you needed to know, just wanted to give some context to my question so as not to come across as simply being nosey, just trying to draw on your experience. Thanks and thanks for doing these videos. I used yours in my education process.

  3. This is my conclusion about Woodpeckers tools. Pricey…absolutely. Quality and accuracy…without a doubt. Built to last a lifetime…true and especially if you are blessed with many years. Spread that cost over how many ever years you do woodworking and the price seems very very reasonable. I bought the 8 inch Palini pocket rule, 36 inch straight edge, 6 stainless square and the 32 inch T square in that order. Use them often enough to justify the cost and just plain love using fine tools.

  4. I bought Woodpecker’s track square. I think… I HOPE that I will find it extremely useful, but like you, there is a high probability that I will only do right angle and straight cuts. I does look bad-ass though!

  5. I have almost every Woodpeckers tool ever made. Maybe a little pricey, but you get what you pay for. They are made right here in Ohio by American workers. If you have any issues, they are very easy to deal with and take care of any problems. Try staying up until 3am to get an answer from a Chinese company through an interpreter. As far as the track square guide, I use mine with my Festool track saw and wouldn't be without it.

  6. I love the looks of your woodpecker tools that I will never be done dumb enough to pay the outrageous prices they want for them when I can do the exact same thing with a cheaper tool and save a buttload of money

  7. When I was an Automotive Tech, I transitioned from Craftsman to Snap-on. That cost a fortune. When I win the lottery, I'll buy some Woodpeckers tools.

  8. I’m sure woodpeckers makes some phenomenal tools, but so do a lot of people and I don’t know if I could justify the price of them..but I can see why everyone displays them when they get them I’d show them off too.


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