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Wood Carving ProjectsWooden Gnomes Carving Tutorial

Wooden Gnomes Carving Tutorial

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Time tutorial! We came up with another gnome design. And here comes a step-by-step wood carving tutorial on wooden gnome carving. We’ve been always fond of wood carved gnomes. If you’re as well, then our detailed tutorial on this whittling projects will come in handy for you. Gnome carving doesn’t require you to have some advanced skills but in the meantime, you definitely need to know how to go with it.
There are different designs of hand-carved wooden gnomes. We recently posted a tutorial on a bit different wooden gnome: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYDt1tQa3fc&t=1555s
Feel free to check it out as well.
Hopefully, our wooden gnome carving tutorial will help you make yours.

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  1. hey BeaverCraft, Nice video, I`m halfway, but do you have a less edited version of this, it`s so hard to follow when the images change without even finishing the cut and the way you turn the piece constantly it is not so clear either. If not no worries but would be very grateful

  2. Catching up on your videos. Thank you. I have a couple of your knives and spoon knife. Bought the bird kit, caved many birds now😂. I registered but haven’t gotten the patterns, thank again

  3. Thank you, it is very interesting and proves to me, far beyond my skill level, hence I avoid failure and a lot of blood.

  4. I subscribed to get the pattern and received the email. Why is it requiring me to sign up for dropbox to actually download or print the pattern for this? Your description said nothing about having to do this.


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