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Lee Valley WoodworkingWood Life - Lee Valley Tools Pop Up Shop

Wood Life – Lee Valley Tools Pop Up Shop

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Thanks to Lee Valley Tools in Vaughn, Ontario, Canada for hosting us for a pop up shop VISMO SHOES https://vismocanada.ca/canada Follow me along as I go …

Watch as I head all the way to the other side of Canada to visit Lee Valley in Ottawa. A big thank you to Lee Valley for bringing me out to do a demonstration of …
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  1. Loved the facial expression when you almost dropped the sander! Love the fact that you are a down to earth individual that just enjoys anything WOOD related! Glad I found your channel. Good job!

  2. You remind me of a more modern Roy Underhill. I spent many years watching him and still love to go back on Youtube and see his videos.

  3. Hey, Jessie, love your videos and your work, Love to see wood fabrication without nails and fasteners other than wedges and dowels. That kind of joinery is artistry at it's finest. I will visit your partners and I continue to watch Alex Steel and Will doing Forge work too. Keep it up you guys it's great.

  4. Dude, I enjoy your videos because you're a good guy. I've been watching since maybe the beginning. I really don't woodwork, I weld, pound nails into wood to get fences built and cattle penned in. When I have time I play with my racecar and old trucks…..I hope to meet you someday in my travels. In the mean time I will be joining the makers mob, not to get better at making stuff, but just to support you guys.

  5. I thought that I had stopped getting notifications from your channel. but discovered that they were going to the Junk mail folder in google. I guess I have some catching up to do. Regards, Solomon

  6. Hey Jesse, when are you coming over to the south of England? The Portsmouth area really needs some Canadian inspiration!!!!!!

  7. getting a bit fed up with the content lately this is boring making frigging knives is boring . what happened to the tour of the house ? what happened to the tool belt ?come on man lets get back to woodworking .

  8. I could have used a tutorial like this last week. I just finished my first mortise and tenon project… the arbor for my wedding 4 days away… talk about a high-stakes first project! I learned a lot from your videos in the past and was able to make it all look great and even be square in the end! Thank you for all your content! I've definitely caught the joinery bug!

  9. I kinda feel like his statement about putting out videos but people not getting notifications is a bit wrong when the video before this one was 2 weeks ago and before that it was a month and before that it was 2 months. I almost forgot about him completely.


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