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Williams And Hussey MolderWilliams & Hussey vs Shop Fox

Williams & Hussey vs Shop Fox

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  1. If you need to do moulding you choose thickness that will do it nicely no need moulding machine seprately nowdays moulding is less everything done in router.

  2. I was thinking about adding a moulder to my shop collection. I have several friends who build houses and was wondering if there would be any money in making my own crown molding… Any way to compete with a big box stores? Thanks!!

  3. Grizzly imports, Laguna imports, Jet imports, Delta imports, Powermatic imports, Rikon imports, Shop Fox imports, Felder who many consider the best is European import……..as well as many not mentioned ……what the heck…….the question is who doesn't import…..? The answer Williams and Hussey. If the machine works for you and is in your budget……buy it…..whether it be import or US made at least the wood item manufactured for self or business was US made. Want all your items US made then you will have to make them yourself. Oil is imported, clothes are imported, many car parts are imported. …..etc. Bottom line is most people are going to buy what works for them and is in their budget. Shop Fox at half the cost is going to be the one in most people's budget. Sorry to say The days of affordable American made are over. This is just my personal opinion and I know every situation is different, but if I was going to operate a wood molding business I think I would consider the Woodmaster. And they are US made.

  4. Hey there..So now that you had the Shop Fox Molder for a while.. would you recommend it?  Does it seem to have enough power? I'm a small cabinet shop..

  5. I have both the upgraded W&H and the SHOPFOX. I got the later 'cause I thought it was better. Wrong! The spring rollers on the SHOPFOX don't allow too much of opening rendering it almost useless. Agreed: the W&H looks really bad comparing to the handsome cabinet of the other and the price of it is a third of the earlier; they have to refine that machine in order to make competitive against the W&H. Will look forward to it! Coco

  6. Ola Josiel me passa seo EMAIL comprei usada no classificado de um jornal, vivo na Florida vou procurar as info e te passo


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