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Williams And Hussey MolderWilliams & Hussey - Elliptical Demo

Williams & Hussey – Elliptical Demo

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Check out this elliptical molding – Just 1 of 3 applications the Williams & Hussey Molder can perform!

Demo Location:
PJ Currier Lumber
Amherst, NH

Featuring Mark!
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Learn how to make a walnut frame for a painting using a Williams & Hussey Molder
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  1. I used this frame as an example for a redwood frame I made thanks.  I don't have a molder but I used my imagination.  Thanks I pick up things from all your vids.  Thx

  2. Hello,I am amol. I like it can you tell me how you are going after frames. Means what is the black paint exactly.? After looking over brown.

  3. Joh, Are these custom knives. I can not find them on the Williams & Hussey website. Thanks, and I love your videos!

  4. Hey Jon! Great video and beautiful frame!

    Wondering… did you ever make a video on making a zero tolerance blade insert? I put a Delta T3 fence on my tablesaw last night and now I want to make an insert. Thanks!

  5. John, the small frames you made for your tool artwork are fantastic. I especially like the Zebrawood end grain one that you made. What are you using to prop them up on a table?




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