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Benchtop MortiserWen Benchtop Mortiser flaws out of the box

Wen Benchtop Mortiser flaws out of the box

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I wanted to post a review of this tool as there was not much on here other than 1 or 2 other videos. I did not get far into assembling this unit as first out of the box it was damaged and I considered returning it. Then upon installation of the handle there is considerable lateral movement which bothered me. After installation of the handle I removed the wood block to simulate operation of the tool and in both upward and downward motion it gets stuck in every single position. Will be returning this for a replacement unit and will post additional review at that time.
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  1. So was the next piece of crap Wen any better then the first piece of crap Wen?
    It's like your expecting a Powermatic or a Jet for half the price. You get what you pay for, no matter what part of Commie China it was made in.


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