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Cnc Wood CarvingWATCH THIS before you buy a CNC machine for 3D carving! (Updated)

WATCH THIS before you buy a CNC machine for 3D carving! (Updated)

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  1. READ BEFORE COMMENTING: A few people seem to listen to only part of the video, and then they run right to the comment section to tell me "any machine can cut 3D with the right software!" YES, that's what the video says! This video is about the need to find the right software if your machine won't do what you want it to do. I am NOT saying you have to get a whole new machine! I said I got a new one, but I ALSO said I had to upgrade the software on it to carve in 3D. Buy the machine you want. If it does everything you want, great. If not, you may still be able to do it if you find different software. It's all in the video…

  2. I want to make clocks, cutting boards and stove burner covers. Do you think the Shaopeoko is good enough for these items?

  3. I’m pretty new to your channel and this seems to be the most recent one on CNC machines. I was wondering do you have any opinions or experience with shaper origin? Also, thanks for all the great content. You and the wood working for mere mortals channel have really helped me in my woodworking hobby.

  4. My question is are the cheaper CNc machines on Amazon around $200 the3018 machines capable of cutting pistol grips for 1911, pretty straightforward with a convex profile

  5. What do you recommend? I want to make a 3D topographical of Texas World Speedway and the state of Texas. Also I would like to make a 3D cutout of say Mesa Verde's Cliff Palace. I would like to do the race track TWS on a 2' by 2' board. What material and machine do you recommend?

  6. Yeah I usually write a script that creates my 3d gcode when I need 3d. Not exactly sure how that'd work in Fusion 360 or inventor or whatever autodesk offers, haven't tried them all out tbh.
    For simple stuff (lets say just some 3d curves) having a few python functions do the job is perfect if you're somewhat familiar with programming. It's way simpler than 3d printing gcode.

  7. I was wondering why there is another hole in the tool holding plate until I click on your amazon link and see it is there for a vaccum cleaner system. Did you try this system yet? Is it worth it?

  8. I purchased my fist cnc Router from practical cnc now APECNC .. 48 x 96 servo machine with 3.5 hp router… I purchased a 5 hp spindle for it after I got 5 feet of sea water in my shop from hurricane IKE.. bought Vectric Aspire ver 1 when it first came out..and now every update to ver 10.. used that machine for 10 years with little or no major problems.. then 2 years ago purchased a ShopSabre 408 Pro with 10 hp spindle and 4th axis rotary.. Yes with aspire you can 3D cut your own spindles and newel post.. Love this shopsabre… If you ever want to upgrade your machine look at them… great customer service and a great machine…

  9. Hi James,
    I see this video has been out there a while, don't know if this has been asked before – I was thinking of using basic cnc to do the outline and big details on a carving, then carve the rest by hand. Do you think this is a good idea, or maybe impractical?

  10. What CNC machine are you using? I've been looking at a few, but not sure what would work well for what I want to do.


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