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Woodsmith Shop PlansWatch This Before You Build a Woodworking Drill Press Table!

Watch This Before You Build a Woodworking Drill Press Table!

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Watch This Before You Build a Woodworking Drill Press Table!

Get the step-by-step plans to build this Drill Press Table here: https://www.woodsmithplans.com/plan/drill-press-table/?apid=36564

Building a table and fence for your drill press makes it easier and safer to support a large workpiece. But the auxiliary table can get in the way of the height adjustment crank. This table gives you easier access with some clever hardware solutions.

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  1. I love this design, but my concern is ability to tilt the table with these altered hand cranks. Am I missing something, or is the table's ability to rotate very much diminished?

  2. I know this is an old forum, but I DID notice that NOONE wants to address the questions of where to get the gears and hardware…not even the person who did the video!!! Why is that???

  3. I like the round table insert, but it looks like it's way too close to the edge of the drill bit, and not more centered. How would you be able to use anything larger than a 1 inch bit or hole saw without boring into the non-sacrificial part of the table?

  4. My drill press is so old it doesn't have a height adjustment crank. Loosen the lock & muscle it up or down. To make that easier for me, I put a hydraulic bottle jack under the table. Marvelous.

  5. I just finished this project and am very happy with it. I modified a few things. First I didn't run the t track all the way to the back of the table where it will be almost of no use except for extremely large pieces where the fence needs to be removed. I used this extra track and installed two additional t track roughly a half inch clear on either side of the replaceable insert. This makes clamping smaller pieces much easier. I use these almost all the time compared to the outer tracks. Second I wrapped the other side of the column with the table. Not sure why you guys didn't as well. I drastically enlarged the recess and added another recess on the other side. I use them constantly. Lastly I reduced the width of the thru slots to 3/4" to accomodate Kreg auto clamps. They work extremely well when a lot of holding force is required. I don't like asking the t track to supply this force as the screws/t track could be weakened. Also I made two fence stops for right/left repeatability. Thank you Woodsmith for this build. The crank idea is awesome.

  6. Yum, cookie and sawdust. Great video. Where do you get the cranking system hardware. Is that in the parts list? I have been looking for some way to prevent the table from coming loose and from wobbling from side to side when cranking the table up or down and I think this might work. I have a fairly inexpensive WEN drill press, but it does the job.

  7. It's a great idea, but I was thinking that you could never tilt your table (not that many people do) because the gears would disengage and the clamp shaft would come out of alignment. That would need some kind of u-joint and the height crank would have to go to the rear, instead of attaching to the table itself. But then how do you support it at the back of the table? I still really like this design, though!


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