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Shutter Woodworking PlansW004 How to Make Plantation Shutters by Chris DeHut

W004 How to Make Plantation Shutters by Chris DeHut

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Learn how to make custom Plantation Shutters for the interior of your home. Chris DeHut takes you through the process from beginning to end showing you all the steps.

Resurrected from the Woodworking At Home Magazine.

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Thinking back to these shutters, the one issue that needed addressing has to do with method of holding the louvers in place. A screw was incorporated in the original design, however, over time the effectiveness faded. There are two other options you can look at as an alternative:
1)Add a counter weight to the louvers on the opposite side of the handle.
2) Add felt washers on some of the louvers on the rotation axels. The thickness of these should be slightly more than the gap between the end of the louver and the side of the frame – thus creating friction.
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  1. I build custom wood shutters for a living and this is absolutely the longest process u could take to build a shutter ,u make it so much more complicated and difficult then it needs to be,but u did it so good job lol

  2. Hallelujah I found you! A real teacher, with extensive knowledge and skills, with SO MUCH to teach! I subscribed within 10 seconds of watching you. Thank you so much for making your videos, I look forward to learning more!
    Sincerely, Jennifer A.😊🛠

  3. Thank you for this. I appreciate the time you took to explain each process thoroughly. Armed with this information I am going to attempt to make some for my large living room window!

  4. Awesome video! I was wanting to make some…now I'm second guessing if I even have the time. Ill subscribe now!

  5. Thank you for that clear explanation and the tricks you have provided especially the part for making the tapered edge of the louvres. I am considering making plantation shutters that slide into place for a sliding patio door and retract completely… now I'm searching for a good track system to complete the project.

  6. Excellent video! Getting ready to make shutters for 10 windows in my home and this is full of all of the minor details that would have taken me forever to figure out. Thank you!


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