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Unique Wood ProjectsUnique furniture hinge idea! stackable cabinets / woodworking

Unique furniture hinge idea! stackable cabinets / woodworking

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It is a carpentry channel created by an ordinary office worker in the 11th year of architectural design.
I first encountered woodworking as a hobby in 2019, and I am running a channel while learning little by little.
Since I have never learned carpentry professionally, there are many things that I lack.
I’m learning slowly one by one, so please understand.
Nice to meet you. 😊

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Unique furniture hinge idea! stackable cabinets / woodworking

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Creative Project Ideas Using Wood Slices and Logs

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  1. Снизу на дверце тоже надо спилить уголок, если ящик будет на уровне груди или выше.
    At the bottom of the door, you also need to cut down the corner, if the box is at chest level or higher.

  2. Hi, I'm Abdul from Indonesia, I also previously worked in a bank and now switch to woodworking, I'm learning little by little, one of them is from your channel. Thank you

  3. Just found your channel today. You are exceptionally creative! When you stacked the two together towards the end, my mind was blown, superb design! I'm thinking of using something inspired by this in my son's room.

  4. Simple idea based on the opening sequence… Add steel or uPVC piping to the sockets (on top and bottom of cabinets) to make the doors swing easier, without issue of the hinge biting/grinding. Without, the hinge will most likely eventually fail, or at the very least, become loose, causing the doors to sag.

    The steel/uPVC would act as a smooth barrier between the two rough surfaces of the wood while ensuring longevity.

    Maybe I'm wrong and it'll last a lifetime regardless, just a thought 😆

  5. Sehr gute Idee, hat mir gut gefallen. Schlicht, aber effektiv, jedoch stört die Werbung, die gefühlt jede Minute kommt. Mit weniger Werbung gäbe es einen Daumen hoch.

  6. КРАСОТИЩА. У тебя, дружище, руки растут откуда надо. Сам хочу с деревяшками заняться, да пок что то держит.

  7. They are all just beautiful!! I wanted to start making items with wood slices, I am new to doing this, but I think I will enjoy it. Thank you for your inspiration. You made items I never thought of. I am a new subscriber, and I love your channel.


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