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Trend Dovetail JigUnboxing Trend CDJ300 Dovetail Router Jig - Unboxing

Unboxing Trend CDJ300 Dovetail Router Jig – Unboxing

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Trend CDJ300 Dovetail Router Jig – Unboxing and Review

Re-uploaded, I have been out for so long I managed to export the video to standard definition, I wondered why it looked so poor. I have re-exported the video and here is a better version. I have even forgot what settings to use on my DSLR to record videos!!


Hi, Welcome to my channel, in this video I am Unboxing, building and reviewing the Trend CDJ300 dovetail router jig.

This jig comes with a template to enable you to create 1/2″ 12.7mm Lapped Dovetails.

You can purchase additional templates to enable you to make box joins and also through dovetails.

In my video next week I will be using the jig to make a box.

Subsequent videos will unbox and review then use the optional box joint and Through dovetail templates.

Please feel free to comment and I will respond.


The DC400 is the world’s first totally variable layout dovetail jig that is completely free of complicated set ups, offsets and adjustments! You can go from through dovetails to lapped dovetails, switch between pins and tails, change work piece thickness, cut rebated drawer fronts and vary the pin angle, all without adjustment to the jig.
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  1. ..its should come with the spanner and allen keys, never mind its very nice it does :), Did you find it ok to set up? I just wonder why is around the £110 pound mark and others are around the £400.00 ? Really what is the difference? perhaps just marketing and youtubers telling us we MUST spend silly money bla bla bla :). Nice for the walk through but it would of been nice to see you perhaps do a episode working it. Its like viewing a car say you will buy it but not giving it a test run

  2. Thank goodness for people like you who put up videos like this for lazy gits like me who cant be bothered to read the instructions. Good work

  3. Hi Jase
    Have you used it yet? Thinking of getting one myself but would like to see how it performs.
    Hello again Jase. Any updates yet on how the CDJ300 performs?


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