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Doll House Furniture PlansTour Inside Generational Swiss Chalet Doll House! Handmade Dollhouse from Plans! Miniature

Tour Inside Generational Swiss Chalet Doll House! Handmade Dollhouse from Plans! Miniature

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Come see! Handmade old Swiss Chalet doll house built from plans. Fixed up and furnished bit by bit, piece by piece, over decades from the generational past into next generation. My dad had planned to build and sell, sold a few, I saved a couple. Furniture featured are from my mom’s generation and others are made from The House of Miniatures X-ACTO kits. Items in house are made from different parts of the world. Bathroom porcelain pieces are from Japan.
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  1. Oh gosh what a treasure! Absolutely beautiful. I will have to send this video to a friend of mine, she loves miniatures. Thanks for sharing ☺️❤️ xx

  2. 1/12 scale? I was making one but still need to complete it, life got in the way. The best part of yours is the history a real keep sake

  3. Beautiful doll house, my dad made doll houses and sold them. Unfortunately I do not have one, I do have a friend that has one that has offered it to me. I am just not sure where I would put it. I think it would be very fun to furnish it.

  4. Yvonne your dolls houses are so precious you can’t get them like this anymore. It most of been great fun having a dad who built dolls houses . Thanks for sharing them with us . Xx

  5. It was enjoyable seeing each room with the wood furniture, bed spreads and sweet curtains. I loved the kitchen with the toaster and sink for washing dishes. Every detail is amazing. Wonderful that your dad made such a beautiful doll house. Do you have little dolls that live there? That's so special that things were added little by little. Enjoyed everything! Have a sweet day💕☔️🍧

  6. I never had a doll house sadly. But I would have loved one because I love miniatures. Thank you for sharing your beautiful treasures with us 😊

  7. Hi Yvonne! Oh be still my heart, I absolutely LOVE miniature doll houses! It's amazing that your dad built this by using patterns and plans, I read the info that you zoomed in on. There were even patterns for the furniture!
    The painted decals on the front of the house are beautiful, great job with those. I really enjoyed your tour of each room, so much detail in the furniture and accessories in each one. It would take up too much space here to talk about each one, but everything in every room amazed me.
    The kitchen parquet floor is awesome, it looks like inlaid pieces. The stove has some awesome detailing to it.
    Wow, love the embroidered rug and the curtains in the living/music room, the piano is really nicely made, and so is the harp and violin. I like that the sewing machine cabinet drawers really pull out. Love the sewing machine too. The canopy bed is awesome, love the mattress springs and bedding. So cool that you have an attic for the extra items that are special. I enjoyed seeing the photo of your very first doll house too. Your dad and you are so creative, it's neat that you contributed by making bedding curtains, etc. for the house.
    Wow, awesome video, I watched it twice so far! Thank you so much for sharing, what an awesome generational doll house, loved it! My dad was a wood carver of people, animals and relief pictures, and also enjoyed carpentry work. To this day the smell of wood reminds me of his workshop in the garage. He was also an oil painting artist. When I was an adult I bought a wooden miniature house kit that came with the pieces already cut out, but needed sanding and painting. I put it together, and it also came with plastic window panes, but I wanted glass ones, so my husband very patiently cut real windows for it out of glass, and I used thin strips of white correction tape (remember that?) for the window panes. I still have all of the miniature furniture and people that I had bought for it (but not the house), not nearly as nice as yours though. Great memories! This was a real treat, I really enjoyed your tour, thank you so much!! Have a wonderful day today, Hugs and love, SuzyQ 🤗💖xoxox


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