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Wood Shaper BitsTop 5 shaper cutters testing and deep running

Top 5 shaper cutters testing and deep running

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Hi everybody, this vidio shows 5 popular shaper cutters for entrance door, cabinet, and solid wood floor, to test the cutter, we use a spindle moulder with …
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  1. If I can get a good used shaper for the price of a decent new router table, would you go for the shaper? I don't own either now but want something I can do trim work with as a professional home owner. 🙂

  2. What would you recommend for a minimum—- overall I have a pretty decent set of tools. I’m looking to build the cabinets for our kitchen. I’m considering getting a shaper.

  3. Great information! What brand of shaped so you recommend? I recently bought a piece of grizzly equipment that I had to repair 13 separate issues straight out of the box. Didn't get to use the Grizzly product for a month, and it was brand new. They sent me a defective warranty part, parts that didn't even fit, and there was a back ordered part needed. I'll never buy a grizzly product again.

  4. I inherited a shaper from my father-in-law and have some nice cutting tools, but have looked in vain for affordable cutters. eBay has a set of 12 for around $50, iirc, but I have all but 2. Those 2 are cool, but I don't need double for cutters that are sharp as razers and are nearly 65 years old…
    Do you know where to get ½" shank cutters?

  5. so what if you were just generally doing round overs and dado's but a ton of it . would it be a shaper because of high use or is there a beefy router for heavy use of a couple of simple cuts?

  6. Finally I know the difference. There’s a shaper in the cabinet shop I worked at that was used only with regular router bits while I was there. I thought maybe it’s just a large router table. But I knew there was more to it yet didn’t find much information. This video explained in a concise way.


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