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Practical Woodworking ProjectsTop 5 OUTDOOR Woodworking Projects That Sell

Top 5 OUTDOOR Woodworking Projects That Sell

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These are the top 5 outdoor woodworking projects that sell based on my research and experience.
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I polled my audience to find which outdoor projects are the best sellers. These are the top 5 outdoor woodworking projects that were submitted by my followers. There is one specific outdoor project that has generated a lot of money for one woodworker. If you’re in the woodworking business, these projects may sell for you.

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0:00 Intro
0:32 Outdoor Plant Stands and Boxes That Sell
1:52 Outdoor Chairs and Benches That Sell
2:59 Picnic Tables That Sell
4:06 DIY Cooler Stands That Sell
4:50 SkillShare for Woodworkers
6:35 Adirondack Chairs that Sell
8:30 What Wood to use for Outdoor Projects
10:07 How To Paint or Stain Outdoor Woodworking Projects
10:32 Outro

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  1. You are rad! I just started a channel and selling outdoor furniture and accessories. I'm hooked on your channel now. I'll go find you on social media to show you what I've built! Thanks for everything you do!!

  2. You're not kidding with Adirondack chairs I can't make them fast enough sold a ton and still backed up with orders

  3. Great info as always Matt!!!!! I just want to ask a question………Are you related to "Cowboy Kent Rollins"????? You seem to have alot of the same features as he does!!!! The enthusiasm, hand movements, cant stand still!!!!!, and the love for your family and your pets!! If you are not related…..you should go check him out for some great recipes!!!!! Go watch a couple vids…….and let me know what your wife thinks about the resemblance!!!!!! This could be fun!!!!!!!

  4. Those will probably sell, but most of those projects is sold at the local Tractor Supply, I imagine China built. If you build and want to sell for a hundred and TSC is selling it for $35.

  5. Matt, I love your videos and inspiration on trying to make a difference to yourself and doing some good for the world, but I hit a really big snag in trying to use the 14 day free trial from Skillshare. I tried to cancel my free 14 day free trial on day 8 or 9 since the content I was trying to find was not what I needed. An email to your sponsor specifying I wanted to cancel the free membership said I could not (somehow I wasn’t signed up as a free member?).I am frustrated and very letdown as I see this is now how businesses today choose to operate. When I was a lot younger and in business for myself, you just kind of knew how to cherish a customer/client and wanted to correct mistakes, especially genuine ones. Today that is sadly lacking in today’s marketplace. It makes me sad and disgusted to even consider getting back into the woodworking craft. If there is a way you can rectify my problem with your sponsor, that would be much appreciated. As I’ve seen your abilities and business grow, I commend you and pray for your continued success, but please be careful of who you associate with in terms of sponsors in trying to grow your channel here.

  6. Pinterest is a awesome website for seeing what’s going on. They often have plans available for free downloadable plans or links to them. And I think April is awesome. She decided what he wanted and she went for it. With little experience she started a woodworking business and built it into a awesome business.

  7. How are you charging now with wood cost being so high. Love your channel . Costs me about $40 to build the small bench you make and I’m not sure what to charge

  8. I am finding lumber prices to be to high to be able to sell these items at a reasonable price… Unless you want to work for $5 an hour


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