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Ryobi Chain MortiserTool Geeks! Meet The Ryobi Chain Mortiser!

Tool Geeks! Meet The Ryobi Chain Mortiser!

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Do you love power tools? Me too! I bet you have never seen a tool quite like this!

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Timber framing techniques video showing the Ryobi chain mortiser cutting a mortise for use in post and beam construction.
Timber is a 5″ x 10″ beam off-cut.

Comments, Likes and shares of my videos much appreciated.

This is not a tutorial. Please do not copy anything I do.
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  1. you do not have 220 power i got rid of all the 110 volt bigger tools like compressors welder etc as 110v just sucks

  2. I searched for a chain mortiser for weeks and could not find a used one at a reasonable price. The day after I saw this video, I found a Ryobi mortiser at a second hand store 20 minuets from my house. $350

  3. What year and model is this Ryobi Chain Mortiser? Would like to get same one. Thanks for the vid!

  4. I'm not the master craftsman the samurai is, but I do have one thing up on him, not only have I been to Japan, I was born there lol. You definitely need to go one day

  5. Voltage throughout Japan is 100 volts; the only difference however is half of japan runs this voltage at 50 hertz while the other half runs at 60. The 220/230/240 voltage is for worldwide distribution as most countries in the world ( bar a few exceptions; U.S, Canada & others) run on 220/230/240 volts. A few countries have even a very odd voltage of 127 (go figure). Hope this helps. Great videos by the way; I enjoy your special woodworking projects. Carry on my old fruit, you're doing great. Kind regards.

  6. Hi, I was fortunate enough to pick one of these machines at auction – my question is do you have a link on how to sharpen the chain?

  7. Hi francis and thank tou for your demo ! I just bought this machine but i am asking myself how the chain is lubrificated …
    Do you still have the instruction manual? i can't find it anywhere on the net. Thank you again !

  8. nice tool. look at german mortiser, called " maffell". i am work´s with this tool for ca. 45 Years , 80 % oak. Good chraftman, well done. Many greetings from germany from an old master-carpenter

  9. Yes unfortunately TTI Industries Hong Kong killed the quality of Ryobi and took the DIY route. As for the chain tear out your tool is centred, so turn the tool around 180° so the chains cutting down at both ends of the mortise to avoid any tear out.

  10. Great saw starts easy ,plenty of power,fairly quite but a little heavy for light work>>>ur2.pl/771      Only reason I bought it instead of a smaller saw was that it was on sale.

  11. I've never used this tool but couldn't you turn the tool to ensure that the chain is moving downwards for the outer edge to avoid blowout?

  12. In my day we had two choices for mortices, either an old Reynolds manual morticer, from the Victorian era, or a chisel and a mallet!!!
    Certainly chain morticers are mobile, quick and accurate.
    A good demonstration, thanks

  13. To avoid the tear out on the edge…don't jam it in there next time. Next time ease it down and slowly cut until you get a couple inches in.

  14. Would be nice if you could rotate the saw to where you're cross cutting instead of ripping, probably would lessen the tear out.

  15. It's like a hollow chisel mortiser but with a chainsaw! O.o Holy crap! Considering how expensive the Makita one is at least, I think I'd rather have a big hollow chisel mortiser, but it seems that can cut much deeper than any hollow chisel mortiser. Of course, the portability is great. Can't exactly take a 500 pound hollow chisel mortiser to a job site.


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